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Reviving Rain

After waking and spending time in the Word this morning, Walker did a teaching about our disappointment is God’s divine appointment. We ate breakfast and got ready for the wonderful day.

Team Esperanza started the morning by spending time in fellowship. After that, we headed to our first ministry site. This morning’s teaching was immediately put into practice as our plans had to change due to weather. We began to go to grocery stores and ask if we could have permission to do the drama. The Lord began to line things up so we could present “Freedom” in several stores. The team then had lunch, and the translators working with us had to leave. After lunch we went back out to do ministry. We went to another grocery store and tried to get permission to do the drama. However, the person who grants the permission wasn’t there, and we were told to return later, so we went to the mall. There, they told us we could present the drama but couldn’t share the Gospel. We reminded the students that God’s Word doesn’t return void, and the drama is God’s Word. The students were still able to talk and love on the people. We then went to a church, but due to the weather, not very many people came. The students spent time in worship, and then we reminded them that this drama isn’t for people but is done to worship our Lord. Many students said this was their favorite drama so far. Afterwards we returned to the grocery store that had told us to return later. They granted us permission to perform! After the drama, while the students where talking to the people, one of the leaders noticed a man leaving who had been very interested in the drama. We grabbed a student and sent them after this man. They began to talk, and he started asking questions. Soon the questions were about the differences in religions. A translator whom we picked up at lunch had been studying that exact topic and knew how to answer the man’s questions. Our disappointment of the rain, not getting permission the first time, and losing translators led to our being able to help this man. What are the odds of that? With God, 100%!

Team Amor had one incredible and full day! We traveled an hour outside of Nuevo Laredo to Anahuac. As we drove into Anahuac, one of the secondary schools was just letting out. We set up to perform the drama and those students who had just been released from school came over. What a crowd! His perfect timing! One of the ministry teams talked with three girls, shared the Gospel, and the girls came to know Christ, beginning relationships with Him. Then the Lord opened the door to announce our second drama over the radio! Not very many people came, but those who did hear were very responsive. One of the groups met the secretary of the plaza amphitheater. She connected us in such a way that now, whenever a team comes to Anahuac, she will promote and publicize the performances all over town. Praise the Lord! Then we traveled back into Nuevo Laredo where we met up with Pastor Ruban. What a heart he has! We presented to a small crowd  on a small basketball court. Here, the Lord used one of the students to lead an 85-year-old man, Victor, to the Lord. Then we headed to a mission church that Ruban has also been pastoring. The rain continued to pour, and we got before the Throne. As we worshiped and shared Scripture, the presence of the Lord showed up. As the presentation progressed, more and more people came into the church. It was so refreshing to see people coming despite the rain. Three people gave their hearts to the Lord afterwards! We have many more stories from today, so be ready to hear about more of the great things God has done once your students return home.

Thank you so much for your prayers! Oh how the Lord is answering them! Please continue to lift up more opportunities to share the Gospel, furthered unity, continued health, and for the churches in Nuevo Laredo.

By His Grace,

Walker, Mike, and Gerri (Team Esperanza)
Rex and Meridith (Team Amor)

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