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Restoring His Glory

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From schools to markets to side road junctions, the team has worked hard today to diligently make known the gospel to every person they have encountered. God has been so good to our team and has been faithful to prearrange divine encounters on a daily basis. Today many got opportunities to plant seeds of truth and even reap more souls for God’s kingdom. Tomorrow will be our last drama ministry day before leaving the country. Pray with us that we will end strong and continue to restore glory to Christ in a land that so longs for the hope only Jesus can bring. #awestar#jesushasdecided #usherHimback

Peggy Nunley, Country Coordinator

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3 response to Restoring His Glory

  • Bekah Smith says:


    I am dying to hear the full account of each story. Every time you show up in a photo I freak out – you’re there, you’re following the Lord and you’re there. My heart is so full seeing you and your amazing team in action. All of you amaze me with your strength and courage – continue to be bold and know we are all waiting for you here with open hearts to receive the good news you have to share!

    Love and more love, Bekah

  • Sue Rizzo says:

    I’m loving all this, but I’m wondering: what followup happens for all these new believers? Is there anything in place to disciple them in their new walk of faith? Keep planting seeds of truth! Looking forward to hearing the stories when you’re back!

  • Teresa Law says:

    Prayers continue !
    God is Good

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