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Restoring Broken Hearts

Today we were able to catch up on some much-needed rest. We made it to Trujillo early this morning, slept until lunch, and then began drama ministry. God always provides divine encounters and today was no exception. The first drama was done in a marketplace, and there were many broken people who received the joy of salvation! We were also able to do the drama in the middle of a soccer field. Many teenagers gathered around to watch the drama and the Lord worked in a mighty way. After the drama, some students were able to share the gospel with a large group of young adults and 25 of them submitted their life to Jesus Christ! What an amazing God we serve!

There were also many more stories of how the Lord restored broken hearts. We continually rejoice that we serve the one and only God who is in control of all things. His timing is perfect, and He has placed us in this specific city at this specific time for His specific purpose. We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store here and are looking forward to the days ahead. We are continually learning how to live by John 3:30: “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Pray that this will sink into our hearts and minds and that we will continue to deny ourselves and allow Him to work through us! 

Once again, thank you for all of your prayers. Please continue to pray for focus and energy as we continue the Lord’s work. May He be forever glorified through the hearts of His people. 

P.S. – Happy Birthday, Cathy Moore! 

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6 response to Restoring Broken Hearts

  • Mistie Roberts says:

    GOD is so good! And His timing is so perfect!!! So humbling and touching to hear God work in & through you all!! Can not wait to hear all the stories you have been able to experience. You all Inspire me to be more willing to get uncomfortable and step out in faith for Him and tell the world about our savior and friend Jesus! I pray God keep your spirits strong and your energy up so your focus can be on doing the drama for Him and not even see the numbers that surround you.. So that when you are finished and you look around.. You can then see God bringing them to you! What a chill bump moment I bet you all experience!!!
    REMEMBER: don’t look at life through your eyes in guilt of what you have been blessed with but rather be thankful you can look at it as a BLESSING and be thankful 🙂 love you all and can’t wait to hug all your precious necks 🙂
    Tan & Mal, I love you so very much and I can’t believe I get to call you my children! What an answer to prayer you are and what a gift you are to me & dad and every person that has the joy in knowing you!!! Miss you..see you soon! Xoxoxo
    Mom & Dad

  • Denyse Bench says:

    I love reading the stories of how God is working! HannahKate, I know you must be excited to spend some time in Trujillo. Daddy, Elizabeth, Hallie and I went to a Peruvian/Latin American restaurant tonight in your honor. We had ceviche and pollo a la brasa, but no Inca Kola. 🙁
    Praying for you all–that you would be rested, refreshed and ready for ministry. Seize every divine opportunity!!!

  • Holly Stoll says:

    Madelyn, I miss you!! I hope you had a good 4th of July down there in Peru! I will never forget the good ole days of us watching fireworks on blankets in nanny and papas backyard! Anyway, God is so amazing! So many prayers are being answered because of you all! I’m so excited to hear even more stories when you get back. Stay strong and I pray God gives you energy to keep going! Love you to Peru and back! P.S.- keep reading only one letter a day 😉 haha

  • Jeanie McSherry says:

    So glad y’all got some much needed rest. I am also blown away at how God is using each one of you! I pray that you have enough energy to finish this journey strong and also that you will bring home with you that fire that God has put in your hearts for lost souls. Can you imagine what would happen in your schools if you had the same determination here? I am so so proud of each one of you. I am so inspired by your love and faithfulness and perseverance to God’s work. Hang in there and remember that Through Christ all things are possible! Malachi I I miss you so much and can’t wait to see you!! Rest good tonight and Shine Bright for Jesus tomorrow ! Love you lots! Mom

  • Matt Ball says:

    We are thankful for the rest you received. Praise the Lord for His unfailing greatness! God is using you and will continue until the very end. Take every moment to share God’s love with the people. I am encouraged to read about the souls that are being saved and pray that God will continue to stir in the hearts of the people of Peru and prepare the way for more divine encounters. God loves them so much and does not want even one to perish. We pray for you to be strengthened each step that you take and that you can focus on the heart of Christ and the sacrifice he made for us. Hannah, I am counting down the day until I get to touch your face! Lol! You look so happy in the pictures we are seeing and I know that you are doing what God has called you to do. I am very proud and yet humbled by your obedience to Christ. Keep sharing your precious heart with the people and they will see Jesus! I love and miss you Brownie! Mal, give her a hugs and kisses for me. xxoo Love, Mom

  • Matt Ball says:

    I’ve seen a lot of CRUD on soccer fields. It is so great to hear about our great God and Savior saving souls on one! The Ball family is continuing to lift all of you up to the throne of God. Hey Bristownians, we love you and miss you greatly, but we’re looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Han, babe, I love you darlin’!

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