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The BJ Higgins Story

– By Brent Higgins

Some of BJ’s Words:

“It’s time that we as the professed Christians of America wake up from our sleep of lethargy and hypocrisy and stop only living for Christ on Sundays and Wednesdays “

“It’s time that we as Christians stop being lazy and just talking the talk and get our hands and feet dirty actually following Him and serving Him diligently…We need to take His  message to the people of every nation, including ours. He went through the blood; the least we can do is go through the mud”

“God has called each of us somewhere to be a missionary for Him…will you answer the call and stop wasting your life in the selfish comfort and ‘success’ that our society teaches  us to seek? Will you follow Christ, the greater purpose and satisfaction in life? Will you answer the call and get uncomfortable for Christ?”

“God glorifies us when we suffer, to have glory you must suffer, to bring God glory you will suffer, to suffer brings God glory”

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