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Freedom Drama


Freedom is the tool that God has given Awe Star Ministries to further the name of Jesus Christ. An 18-minute pantomime, it tells the story of God from creation to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The drama has no speaking parts.  Instead, it comes with a voiceover specific to the location of ministry as well as a musical soundtrack written and performed by Jim Bryson, keyboardist for Mercy Me.  Getting people to stop in the middle of their busyday to watch a drama being performed on a street corner is a very difficult task. However, the lure of the music, the bright colors of the costumes, the intensity of sword fights and the heartache of love and death captures their attention and immediately they are drawn in. Although their first intention for watching the drama is merely for entertainment, that soon changes as they hear in their own language the magnificent story of a Savior. As the story unfolds the Holy Spirit grips their hearts. After completion of the drama mission team members go out into the crowds of people and explain how this story applies to them. Awe Star Ministries continues to stand in awe as the drama is performed, the HolySpirit works, and souls are forever changed.


Royalties* – Per team:

$350.00 first time user
$200.00 renew fee
(i.e. 2 teams x 350 = 700.00)

Trainer fee:

Roundtrip airfare
Food and Lodging*

Royalties include:

Two (2) copies of the soundtrack, per contracted team, in desired language. One (1) written copy of narration. Choreography, blocking and costume design.



Policies and Procedures

Please read the following very carefully as you consider whether you would like to purchase the rights to learn and perform the drama “Freedom.” Awe Star Ministries has a very high “Standard of Excellence” and feels that the following are vital in upholding that standard in our training and the way we do business:

1) Qualified Awe Star staff members must train the drama.
2) Drama Training will take place over a three (3) day period of time to ensure quality training. Each group will be judged to see if they pass the Awe Star Ministries “Standard of Excellence.” Awe Star Ministries cannot release the right to perform the drama until each group has reached this standard.
3) The training staff member will assign all characters/parts in the drama. They are most familiar with the different requirements and expectation of each role. The staff member will speak with each group leader before finalizing the cast list.
4) All those wanting to be involved in the drama at any time during the contracted year must be present for the entire training period. Only those trained by a qualified Awe Star staff member are given the right to perform the drama.
5) No more than five (5) parts may be changed throughout the contracted year; otherwise the group will need to be retrained.
6) The drama requires a minimum of thirteen (13) or a maximum of twenty-five (25) people. The number of participants must be confirmed at least one week before training. If the minimum amount of people are not present for the drama training weekend, Awe Star Ministries reserves the right not to train the drama.
7) All props must be purchased before training begins. Costumes can be purchased in generic sizes before training.
8) Duplication of materials is not permitted.
9) Half of the fees must be paid to hold your booking; the remainder is due upon the completion of the drama training.
10) The permission rights to the drama last for one year. At the end of that time all training materials must be returned to Awe Star Ministries unless the group desires to renew the rights to the drama, at which time the group should contact Awe Star Ministries.

Awe Star Ministries believes that the Kingdom of God deserves the best.  We take the presentation of the drama seriously.  We know that God can use it to reach many for Him.  These guidelines will ensure that your group will have the best and most effective training possible.

If you would like to move forward and request an Awe Star representative to come and train your church or youth group in the freedom drama, please email us at or  call 1-800-293-7827 for more information.



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