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6 Day Devotionals

Are you dying to go on an adventure?

The bible talks a lot about dying: dying to self, dying to the flesh, dying to our own desires. For the next six days you need to die. Not physically, but to die to every selfish motive and desire, to anything that keeps you from hearing God’s voice.

Jesus said if anyone loses his life he will gain it. Are you willing to set aside one week to seek Him with all your heart and soul and mind? If you are, then this guide is for you.  This quiet time guide is designed with the three “R’s.” Read – Reflect – Respond. During this study you should:

1) Read the Scriptures; let the word of God penetrate your life; read a passage several times until you have a grasp of it. Don’t only read – meditate, memorize, study, and apply God’s Word to your life.

2) Reflect on the truth. Each day as you read the Scriptures, read with your mind and heart. Sometimes we just read with no thought or comprehension. Have you ever read a history book that way – reading pages but remembering nothing? God’s Word deserves to be read and understood. Ask yourself some questions: What is God trying to say to me? What is the context of each day’s Scritpure verses? Use commentaries or study Bibles to help you grasp the deeper meaning of God’s truth.

3) Respond to His Word. God’s Word should cause a response. He wants His Word to abide in you. “If you abide in My word, then you are truly disciples of mine,” John 8:31. Do you want to know another meaning for the word abide? It means to “make yourself at home.” Yes, God wants His Word to be “at home” in your life. That means it can rearrange any thoughts, desires, goals, or purposes. As you read God’s Word, your very next heartbeat should be a heartbeat of obedience.

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Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

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