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2008 35 Day Devotionals

Do you know why you’re alive? Do you know what you would die for?

Each Global Passage Quiet Time begins with words from Awe Star Missionary martyr, BJ Higgins. Each teaches a truth he considered essential – the same truths highlighted in his parents’ book, I Would Die for You (Revell, 2008).

Do you know BJ’s story? He traveled with Awe Star to Peru in 2004. He was the youngest and smallest on his team, but the other students recognized him as their spiritual leader. He wholeheartedly embraced his adulthood, returning home as a man committed to living the lifestyle of a missionary. When he again traveled to Peru in 2005, he went as a bold warrior with sword unsheathed. He demonstrated a heartbeat of obedience, witnessing to uzi-carrying policemen, gang members and hundreds of others whom God brought his way.

BJ showed himself faithful unto death. He went to be with Jesus on September 26, 2005, just five days short of his sixteenth birthday. Since that time, many have accepted the challenge to take his place.

If these Quiet Times point you to anyone else or anything less than the God BJ served with such passion, they fail.  If they produce their intended result, you will share his heartcry:

The Global Passage Creed

I will not be satisfied.
I will not let my passion be held in a bottle.
I will not let my light be hidden.

I will stand up.
I will let my voice be heard.
I will lead, I will serve, I will fight.
I will tell people about Christ.
I will unsheath my sword, and stop playing [only] defense in this war.

It’s time to raise a revolution.
God will give me the strength.

(as written by BJ Higgins, Martyr, 1989-2005)

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Days 1 – 10

Days 11 – 20

Days 21 – 30

Days 31 – 35

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