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Rejuvenating Rest

Hey guys!

Today was the team’s rest day this week in the town of Kirevong. The team received some quality and rejuvenating rest that was well-deserved. This morning we got a little extra sleep and then also had time to spend significant time with God through prayer and His Word.

We then went to eat lunch at a restaurant rather than having our daily PB & J sandwiches. It was so wonderful stuffing our faces with rice and noodles. Then this afternoon the team was able to split up into their designated groups and explore the beautiful town. Kirevong is a small rice worker town connecting to the Vietnam border so the experience the students had on this day was very different from the experience in Takeo. They were able to experience even more of Cambodia’s culture by being surrounded by this different kind of environment today.

We were able to walk through some more temples today. Each time we are able to it weighs heavy on our hearts because these temples are the evidence of how blind many people are in this country. However, we believe God is bigger than the strongholds in this country and that He will continue to break barriers.

God has continued to use us on our free days. Even though we didn’t have ‘scheduled’ ministry, God’s Work is never ceasing and we must continue to look for all the opportunities to Work. We had many encounters today. One team member was able to talk to a man that saw our drama last year and remembered us. Our member was able to share more Jesus with him and even though he did not accept, it was so encouraging to see how God continues to move and Work, and he will continue to move in this mans life.

Tomorrow we are traveling to Battambang to do Work. This trip will be significantly longer than the other trips that we have taken so pray that we have safe travel and that we can stay encouraged and focused. Battambang is one of the larger cities in Cambodia so it will be a very different experience than the one that we have had in Kirevong. Pray that God will go ahead of us and prepare the ministry and Work that we are about to do and also pray that we can give him our all and work eagerly for Him as we are approaching the departure of this country and the ministry God has called us to.

Thanks for your prayers, comments, and encouragement

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

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