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Buenas Noches!

We have just wrapped up our last day of ministry here in Mexico. We performed four dramas today and then came back to Agape church. They held a service and prayed over the team. We are so blessed by all of our wonderful friends here in Mexico!

The students got the opportunity to perform at a plaza this morning and then we attended a local church service. It was a great time of fellowshipping with other believers, knowing that no matter what language we speak, we serve the same God. The students got to perform the drama for the church after worshipping with them.

After this drama we went to a plaza. This plaza is the biggest in the city and it was very busy. At both of our dramas at this plaza we had hundreds of people watching and many of them surrendered their lives to Christ. It was a bittersweet finish as we performed our last drama there.

We are currently preparing to head out early tomorrow morning. We will hopefully be able to post more of an update when we get back to Tulsa. Please pray for the whole team as we travel back to our homes across various states. Pray that we cross the border quickly and with no problems. Pray for our drivers, that they might be awake and alert for the long drive back. Lastly, pray for the ministry done here in Mexico. We know that even though our time here has come to an end, the ministry has not. God is going to continue to do great things here in Mexico, just as he has all week. The students are excited to share their stories with you when we get back.
Pictures will be uploaded when we get back tomorrow.

Your Country Coordinators,

Walker & Melanie

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