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Team Juan

What an amazing day!

Team Juan started the day by going to the prison and performing the drama for the ladies.  Our students shared their testimonies with the ladies, presented the Freedom drama and eleven of the ladies surrendered their lives to Jesus!  Our young ladies had the opportunity to talk with the ladies in the prison to encourage them to take their next steps in their faith.

Before getting back on the vans, the pastor who has been helping us this week pulled the group aside and shared what he encountered.

Four years ago, this pastor was kidnapped by some “really bad guys.”  While at the prison, he encountered a lady asking for some pesos.  As he gave her the pesos, she asked him, “Do you remember me?”  This lady was the lead person who had kidnapped him.  She asked if he would forgive her for what happened.  With a resounding yes, he invited her to the Freedom drama.  With tears streaming down her face, she was the first person to respond to the gospel, and she surrendered her life to Christ.  Afterwards, she told the pastor that after she got out of prison, she would be visiting his church.

What an incredible story of redemption. Jesus changes lives. He can take the worst of the worst and make them new creations.

Pray tomorrow as we finish our last day of ministry in Nuevo Laredo.  There are too many stories to post on this site, but our students are preparing to share how they saw God at work in their lives and the lives of people in Nuevo Laredo.

Team Bueno

We had yet another day full of stories that show God moving in the midst of our day, mission sites and conversations. Our team went to pulgas, plazas and schools to present the drama and were overwhelmed with the responses of people coming to know our Savior.

Our team was able to perform the drama at another school today and we had an incredible turnout.  We did not think that we would be able to share about Jesus to the students, but God was in control. He opened the opportunity for one of our students to share a testimony that really connected with the students at the school. The school and staff enjoyed the drama so much that they invited us back tomorrow where there will be even more students in attendance.

A young girl came back after all the other students had left the gymnasium and began to explain to us how the drama impacted her life. She said that she was a Christian but had not been living her life fully devoted to him. The drama immediately made her feel that God was touching her heart in ways she had never felt before. She cried through the drama even though she had seen many other Christian dramas and movies that meant nothing to her. This one was something different. Performing the gospel in the way we did impacted this girl’s life in so many ways, and she continued to thank us for coming because this was something that rarely ever happens in their school. She was giddy and overflowing with joy about sharing with us what this drama and story meant to her and she explained that she will be growing in her walk from now on.

Your TDs,

Rex & Haley

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  • Gilbert says:

    Hi teams – rejoicing with y’all over so many coming to know the Lord – great to read the updates, and wish I was there to hear the rest of the stories that didn’t get into the updates!!!

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