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Redemption in the Streets!

Good Evening!

What a wonderful day of ministry we have had today in Nuevo Laredo! We are incredibly blessed to have both teams share incredible stories of God’s power changing lives (2 Corinthians 5:17) and fellowship with their teammates as we have shared meals together and studied God’s Word together.

Team Courageous:
We are so thankful for your prayers for the teams and we are blessed by today’s ministry opportunities! Today was our first day of ministry out on the Streets of Nuevo Laredo, and the team was ready to go and share the good news to all we came in contact with. After we shared at one of our ministry sites, one of the students shared how they were able to talk to a woman who was just passing through. She explained to one of the students that she did not plan to come shopping today, but told us how blessed she was that she had come to shop at this location and she gave her heart to the Lord! The students continued to be obedient to SHARE the Gospel to all who we came in contact with and we are excited and very much looking forward to continuing Jesus’ ministry again tomorrow! We appreciate your continued prayers! Buenas Noches!

Team Strong:
What a team our GOD has put together this week to serve in Nuevo Laredo. We had the privilege to minister at 5 drama sites today. The strength and desire that these students had today was overwhelming.  One of the students described it as “the Holy Spirit has to take over”.  When we arrived at the main plaza, we knew God had great things in store. The team worshiped through the drama and in return, the response was amazing.  One team had the opportunity to witness to seven men and see all seven men come to CHRIST.  Another team was able to witness to a family of five. The greatest part about this story is the youngest of this family was persistent to her family members that they hear what God had to say. All 5 family members came to salvation.

When we arrived to our fifth site there was nobody around. One of our local contacts asked if we needed to move to another site, which allowed us to explain that we do the drama for the audience of ONE. We had fourteen salvations at that site.  The team was STRONG today. We are excited for what God has in store for us tomorrow. Please continue to pray for our students and salvations!

Both of the teams are so excited to get back to ministry tomorrow. Please continue to pray for unity, continued health, that the teams would walk in power, and God would continue to glorify himself and bring salvation to the city!,

Your CCs,

Team Strong
Colby & Gerri

Team Courageous
Jacey & Becky

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  • Gilbert says:

    Hi teams – from Britain! – Praying y’all will see many more coming to the Lord, as you spread the fragrance of Jesus in Nuevo Laredo. Rejoicing too, for those you’ve already seen coming to Him.

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