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Redemption and Restoration and more pictures

Tonight, as we came back together as one team, our hearts are full. We are rejoicing in this day that the Lord has made, this day of salvation! Today we saw the Lord’s redeeming and restoring hand at work.


As the Negras team walked down the aisle and onto the stage, the excitement grew because of the condition of the audience. We had made it to a drug and alcohol rehab center.  After pouring out their hearts and giving it their all in the drama, a student gave an incredibly moving invitation. This student explained that nothing, not drugs or even alcohol, could save them. Their only freedom and redemption was Jesus Christ. Ten men stood up and walked up to the front to be prayed for and over. Some of these men came to know the Lord! Today as their relationships with God began to form, the restoration process began. These men once in bondage are no longer captives. They now stand upon the grace of God.


The Lord allowed one of the teams to perform in three commercial marketplaces today. Hundreds of people saw and heard the message of Christ.  The manger at the first store had been touched so deeply by the love displayed through the drama that he brought his wife to the third store we were sharing at. We were so excited to see a familiar face! She too was deeply moved. She gave her heart to the Lord!


This morning team Piedras went to the streets. Our prayer this week has been that God would open the eyes of the people so that they may see and open their ears so they may hear about the love of Christ. And also that God would give us His eyes. While the students were performing the drama the leadership saw a man on a bike watching the drama at a distance, however he began to ride off before the students got a chance to talk to him. One student asked, “Can I run after him?” He was very far away, we encouraged them to pray that God would have him return. As the students shared with others the leadership saw Him return, but again he rode off. However this time he went into a store close by. We watched closely and waited to see the man return to his bike and we began to speak to Him. Soon a group of students approached and spoke with the man. As they were sharing about the redemption and restoration that could be found in Jesus Christ the man began to weep. He desired that, so he prayed and asked Christ to be the Lord of his life.


We stand in awe of all the Lord has done, is doing, and what He is yet to do. He is still far more awesome than we know! Continue to pray that the Lord would allow His spirit to move and lead among our team and in Mexico, for boldness, for more opportunities, for continued health, for furthered unity, and for more hearts to be restored and souls to be redeemed. Thank you for all your love, support, and prayers! God is not finished yet in Piedras Negras!


So humbled to serve the Almighty God,

Zach Smith

Gerri Smith

Mike Lehew

Meridith Ingram

Walker Moore

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4 response to Redemption and Restoration and more pictures

  • Shawna Mattes says:

    Eachh update makes me cry. So moved to hear the willingness of each one of you – all of you, to share the love of Christ. It is such a blessing having every one of you be a part and an influence in my life and the lives of my family, even though we may never meet this side of heaven. I know you will all come back (already are) changed. My prayer for you today is that the changes that God is making and has already made in you will take root and grow deeply established before you return to your “normal” lives, and that your life will never be normal again.
    Levi & Dyllan – you both make my heart overflow with joy at the men of God you are becomming. I am so proud of you both.
    {And… one more important thing…remember my vanilla! (One for Nylah too)}

  • Gilbert Speakman says:

    Hi, Piedras Negras teams – rejoicing with you all, at the awesome things God is doing.

  • Matt Brown says:

    We are continuing to pray for you all! Can’t wait to hear about all the great things God has done. Matt Brown

  • Michelle Boyer says:

    Thank you for your unselfish sacrifice and love your others on this New Year’s Eve…can’t wait to hear what blessings can from today’s ministry! Wishing you all many blessings in 2013!
    XO 🙂 Te amamos mucho, Fabio! su mamá y papá

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