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Rain and Sonshine

In the morning, we had the opportunity to go to two markets.  Friday and Saturday are shopping days, so these places were rather busy.  The students were reminded of the teaching they received yesterday, as they had gotten a little dirty during these sites from all the dust that was around.  They gave a spit and got dirty for Jesus.  Not everyone at the market was interested, though, as there were several guys who were mocking during the presentation.  We know that there are different types of ground upon which the seed falls, and while some hearts are hard, others were soft and ready to receive the Gospel.

This was the case of one particular family.  They had watched the drama and waited patiently for our students to come talk to them.  With only four ministry teams, sometimes it takes time for us to talk to all the people who are at one site.  This family was the second group the team talked with at that site, and when our team spoke to them, they were ready to receive Jesus.

This afternoon, we headed to a plaza.  This drama was quite memorable, as the rain poured down during the drama.  Many students were happy, though, knowing that the people who stayed to watch were truly sincere about knowing Jesus.  One student in particular felt the Holy Spirit moving in her to speak with a group of four who stayed to watch them.  These people were very interested in the message we had to share.  They eagerly listened as the student spoke and were very excited about accepting Jesus.  Our students huddled over the new believers to block the rain so that they could fill out the response cards before the cards got all wet and could not be written on.  These new believers wanted to make sure the church had their information to follow up with them.

Our last drama was at a church in a smaller area just outside Barquisimeto.   As we drove to that church, we had an incredible time of worship on the bus.  It was awesome to praise the Lord, belting out the songs and lifting His name high in both English and Spanish.   Whenever we spend time lifting Him up, it always strengthens us and brings energy to continue His work.

Thank you so much for praying for us!  Please continue to pray for us as our time here is drawing to a close.  Please pray for continued focus, and please pray for the churches as they put in the energy and time to follow up with the people who have made decisions during these weeks.

Your Country Coordinators,

Kenny & Whitney

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