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Radical Surrender

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Buenas Dias part 2! 

This is the update from yesterday (July 9). Oh, the goodness and faithfulness of our God. 

Today we had a delicious breakfast of chicken empanadas and breakfast sandwiches! Then we loaded the bus and drove about 45 minutes away to Mano de Piedras. We attended a Kuna church service and performed the drama for them. They were rejoicing with us that we have opportunities to share this drama with the people of Panama.

We then traveled to another church and performed for them and some people of that community. Some of our students went to invite a men’s soccer team who were waiting on their bus to take them to practice, and they came to watch our drama! The students did the drama with such enthusiasm with a beautiful view of the mountains and this wonderful community in the background. Afterwards, one of our guys got to minister to the soccer players. At first, he was intimidated, but he let God take control and speak through him. And five of the soccer players accepted Christ! The other ministry teams also had many salvations, and there was immense joy all around.

Next, it began to rain heavily, so the team ran inside the church with everyone else. We took that time to eat lunch. We also got to fellowship with the church members as we waited for the rain to pass. We worshiped and prayed with one another, and God was moving, as He spoke to us about how He is not finished working here in Panama.

The team loaded up once again, ready to do more ministry, and headed back to the Kuna church to go with them to do another drama near their church. We had planned to do the drama at a soccer field where there were many men gathered, playing soccer. The pastor’s wife went to ask if we could do the drama there, and they blatantly said no, which meant God had something else in store. After discussion, we felt led to move to a neighborhood to perform the drama. Policemen were there guarding the area. We asked if we could to the drama right there, and they said they were Christians and of course we could! Our God has all authority!

We got off the bus and it began to rain again, so we asked the students to pray that it would stop so that people would be there to watch. We knew God had led us to that spot for a reason. Then as soon as they started praying, the rain decreased, and people came walking down the street again! So we started the drama and adults, children, and even a few dogs came to watch. Many decisions were made, and lives were set free from the darkness that once controlled their lives. 

After this last drama, we headed back to Panama City and went to a place called Cinta Costera, a beautiful area in Panama that the team was able to prayerwalk the day before. There was an evangelism event going on there, with many missionaries and churches gathered to share the gospel. We did not know exactly what we would be walking into, but we knew God wanted us there. We were thinking we would just be doing street evangelism and not the drama. But as we walked up, the people were gathered around a large open space where other people were performing. One of our leaders walked up to a group to talk to them and found out the group spoke English. The guy who was most interested in talking to us was a man named Tim. As our leader spoke with him, we found out that Tim was the coordinator for this entire evangelism event. He asked why we were there but noticed that our leader was wearing a name tag with “Awe Star” on it. He immediately asked about it and said he had just heard Walker Moore speak at a church two weeks ago. He then said they just had a group cancel their performance, so they had an opening in the schedule for that night! This gave our group the opportunity to perform.

Tim went to talk to the other director, Alex. He came back and said that Alex also knew exactly who Awe Star was and wanted us to perform the drama immediately. So the students got their assignments and set up within five minutes! We presented the gospel to over 200 people at this event. Many were encouraged  by the joy our students had and the love they showed to everyone.

Everything that happened tonight was because of God’s timing. Every person we talked to, every site where we performed, God had ordained beforehand and went before us. The team was very encouraged by today’s ministry because they saw what it truly meant to step back and let God use us in spite of our weaknesses. 

Today, the team is going to Mañanitas. We will be ministering in several soccer fields and for many people. We expect God to move. Pray for focus for our team! Our time left in ministry here in Panama is short, but God is not limited. God has all authority, and we can’t wait to see what He does. 

Your Country Coordinators, 


Melanie and Razi


















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