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Rite of Passage Parenting Workbook Only

Rite Of Passage Parenting Book

Rite of Passage Parenting Workbook Only


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Exasperated parents ask their children, “When are you ever going to grow up?” But rarely do today’s young people even know what it means to grow up. In less than a century, we have moved from a society that never considered adolescence as a stage of life – or teenager as a word for that matter – to one that has created an artificial holding zone, denying children a necessary part of growing up.Faced with the huge impact of cultural changes-boomerang kids returning home to live after college, adult children unable to support themselves, immature minds controlling physically mature bodies – parents today are asking themselves, What have I done wrong? Why can’t my kids grow up? When will they become responsible adults?Meanwhile, teens are wondering about the mixed signals – Am I an adult at sixteen when I can drive, at eighteen when I can vote, or at twenty-one when I can legally drink? But I can’t even rent a car until twenty-five!Long recognized as essential, rites of passage marked a person’s transition from childhood to adulthood. Religious ceremonies, tribal rites, even employment or marriage historically served to draw that line – a line that is now blurred. Deprived of a balanced measure of responsibility and consequences, young people are developing false rites of passage – tattoos and piercings, gang membership, sexual promiscuity, and drug and alcohol abuse.

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