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Preparing our Hearts and Lives

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Today has been a day filled with worship, ministry, and preparation. We began the day with another
hearty breakfast and a brief walk to the Metro (subway) station. We learned the proper way to get on
and off a subway (quickly!) and rode three stops to La Comunidad Bible Church where we were blessed
to worship in Spanish and English with our ministry partners, Pastor Todd and Marielena Tillinghast and
the people of La Comunidad. Hearts and voices sang praise in two languages to one Lord and King—truly
an awe-inspiring experience. After a challenging message by Walker Moore on trusting God, which is
also the focus of our summer devotionals, the students took the platform and closed out the worship
service by singing and playing “I Will Trust.”

After another delicious lunch (can you guess what was served?) and refilling our water bottles, we again
took the Metro to the bustling avenue of Cinco de Mayo. We stopped in two different places to present
“Freedom” for the ready-made crowds of shoppers. At both sites, we saw people respond to the gospel.
One man in particular was resistant at first, telling one of our students he did not believe the message
was anything more than words. He had friends who said they believed but lived their lives in any way
they pleased. However, once the student fully explained the truth of the message and that a genuine
believer’s life will reflect a true relationship with Christ, the man understood and wanted that
relationship for himself.

But the students also ministered to believers. One ministry team spoke with a woman shared that her
young child had died not long ago. She was still very sad but also still trusting in God. Our students were
able to bless, encourage, and pray over her before they left. After the two drama sites, the team returned to Casa de Blanca, our home away from home, for showers, rest, and fellowship time followed by dinner and a message from Walker Moore on the qualities of a true adult. As 1 Timothy 4:12 says, we exhibit our adulthood through our speech, conduct,love, faithfulness, and purity.

Right now, the students are busy packing for the few days, which we will spend in the farming village of
Carnitas, performing the drama and serving the people in practical ways. You will probably not have
more than brief updates from us until we return to Panama City and wifi service Thursday afternoon (if
you haven’t yet signed up for our text messaging service, we encourage you to do so through the
information below).

Please pray for our ministry in Carnitas, asking God that our love for one another and for the people
there will multiply. Please keep praying for the beautiful country of Panama and her people whom we
have come to honor, serve, and bless. We count on your prayers and know they are a huge part of any
success we count in ministry.

For His Glory,

Panama 14-Day Leadership

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