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Prayer Invades the Darkness

(Monday, July 1)

The team set out early for an appointment at a primary school. The crinkle of chip bags echoed in the courtyard as the team presented a drama to a crowd of round faces smeared with sticky fruit rollup. The first row jumped into the laps of the second as the dragon roared, and the children erupted into giggles and shouts at the last battle between good and evil. After a member of the team presented the gospel to the audience, the students ran back to their classrooms then reemerged in a parade complete with drums and dancers. The director of the secondary school barred us from performing the drama for the older students, but hopefully groundwork was laid for the future.

After lunch the team drove an hour out of the city to an impoverished community in the hills. In their ministry teams, the students and their translators knocked on doors inviting people to the small church for the drama. Teams were able to pray over the sick and hear the needs of the community. Under the heat of the church’s tin roof, the team performed the drama to a small crowd. The passionate pastor spoke over the gathering and prayed with earnest for the Spirit’s movement. 

In a divine appointment resulting from disappointment in the community’s disinterest, the team headed to a school with a student body of 4,000 students. Entering schools has become increasingly difficult this year as the new Minister of Education has wrapped the schools in red tape. The team worshipped and prayed on the bus for twenty minutes as leaders pleaded with the school’s director for entrance. He staunchly refused, but then gave way. “Fifteen minutes! I’ll only give you fifteen minutes!” he eventually conceded. The team rushed into the courtyard, which one of the students described as the Roman Colosseum with its four stories of balconies on all sides. With no introduction the students performed the drama for nearly a thousand middle and high school students, by far the most responsive crowd we’ve had. The roared with laughter as the People of the Land pranced, screamed at the dragon, and cheered enthusiastically through the sword fights. Although the fifteen minute cap kept us from being able to speak one-on-one with students, seeds were planted and the team prayed for them to take root as our local contact continues to work in that school.

The day was full of spiritual opposition in the form of hard hearts, but still the Lord moved in power, exercising His sovereignty.

Please continue to pray for the team to move with confidence in Christ. We have not been given a spirit of timidity. 

Praising God for His providence in the midst of opposition,

Steph and Daniel

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2 response to Prayer Invades the Darkness

  • Penny Culpepper says:

    God has moved me to tears while reading this; tears of joy, tears of sadness because of the opposition, but God will prevail and seeds were planted in fertile soil! It’s wonderful to hear how the Spirit is working and leading all of you. God bless each of you!

  • Pat Taylor says:

    God shows up and things happen!! Who knows what will become of the seeds that were planted on this day!! The Lord be praised!!

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