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Praise God for His faithfulness!

As we began our morning, we spent time in prayer for one of our scheduled ministry sites.  The teachers there had been on strike, and we were concerned about getting into the school to do ministry because the students were behind.   But praise the Lord, when we arrived at the school, we were able to go right in!  We spent time playing soccer with the kids (gringos vs. Panamanians, of course!), and performed the Drama in front of all of the students and faculty at the school. 

We took an hour-long bus ride into the countryside of Panama into a Kuna village.  Going from house to house, we spoke to many of the locals in order to invite them to the drama. As we walked through the village, a trail of Kuna children began to follow behind us, and upon our return to the drama site, we had gained quite a crowd!

Please continue to pray for our team!  The Lord is obviously moving among our students, and because of this the enemy has continually been attacking our group. We ask for your prayers in order that we would continue to grow in unity as we minister here.  Tomorrow we head up into the mountains to work in a village that is entirely new to Awe Star!  We are very excited that we have this opportunity, and we can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us there.

Because of our exploration of the mountainside, we won’t be able to give you updates until Friday. Don’t forget us! Ciao Ciao!


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