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Pouring It Out

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Your Panama 35 team is in awe tonight: in awe of Panama and her beautiful people, in awe of God’s work, in awe of what He is doing and will do in and through us.

The team experienced a role reversal of sorts today as two students became TDs (Team Directors) for the day and TDs Garrett and Melanie moved to the student level, even playing the parts of the Good Prince and Knightmare in the drama. After morning devotions and a hot breakfast, we headed to downtown Panama City and Primera Bautista Iglesia Guna (First Baptist Guna Church) where we attended part of one and all of a second morning service, conducted in both Spanish and Guna. The team did a wonderful and enthusiastic job of performing “Freedom” in a very small area for a very grateful audience. We then walked to the larger Primera Iglesia Bautista of Panama City, where we prepared and ate our PB & J lunch in an open courtyard.

Afterward, we walked a short distance to one of the poorest areas in which we have served yet, in an area known as “La Rentas” (the Rentas, government housing via apartments), where we had the opportunity to perform in an open court in the center of the complex. The students split up into ministry teams, and each went with a translator to invite residents to the drama. But before we could get started, the Panama sky opened up and the rain poured down. As we waited on a covered sidewalk overlooking the court, we took the opportunity to pray for the people, the weather, and God’s perfect timing for the drama. Soon, the rain was over, and we were able to play some music as a means of letting the residents know the performance would begin soon.

We could see people watching from the balconies on all four levels of the complex, although few came down to the courtyard where we were. Those who watched, however, seemed focused on the story. The bright colors of the students’ costumes stood in sharp contrast to the dull and dirty walls, and the powerful story of life as portrayed by the drama also stood in sharp contrast to the hopelessness we know many of these people experience. The outreach director from Iglesia Bautista Panama gave the Net (gospel presentation) at both this and the next drama site, and many of those watching raised their hands to indicate their desire to follow Christ.

At this drama site, one ministry team went out and talked to four men on the top floor, only one of whom had expressed an interest in following Christ. However, once the team spent time explaining the gospel, all of them wanted to begin a personal relationship with Him. When the ministry team had to leave to join up with the rest of Awe Star, the translator continued ministering to the men. Other ministry teams also reported people who accepted Christ, so the team left this site energized and ready for the day’s final drama presentation.

The team walked a few short blocks to a second La Rentas apartment complex and set up quickly to present “Freedom” after inviting the crowd. At this drama site, a number of people also came out to watch the drama, several of whom prayed to receive Christ. Because of the lateness of the hour, the team departed quickly for our walk back to Casa de Blanca and a delicious dinner of Panamanian chicken, salad, and yellow rice. After dinner, the students took time to shower and are now spending time in their Man Up! and Reign On! discipleship groups.

Panama 35 has one more day before we leave for the jungle, so part of our day tomorrow will be spent packing for that intense experience. Please pray for the team that God will continue the love and unity God has worked within us and that we will be fully prepared in every way to extend His ministry and His kingdom.

Your CCs,

Marc and Rebecca

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