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Paz en las Plazas

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Good evening, friends and family!

Tonight we are celebrating yet another day of wonderful Jesus ministry. God has been so faithful to show us His glory daily through the salvation of our many new brothers and sisters. After breakfast, we started out to our first drama. We performed in the street where we have done the drama many times before. It is a place that is very central to town so every time we perform, different people gather around to hear the gospel. The students spoke to large groups of people, and many are now members of the body of Christ.

Our second drama was located in the Plaza De Armas where many people gather to have ice cream, visit with friends, and relax throughout the day. Here, a man with a camera clapped and smiled through the entire drama. One of our groups had the opportunity to talk with him, and he is now a brother in Christ. Another group spoke with a man and discovered that he was a member of one of the churches we had worked with in Cajamarca. It is amazing to see how God is working all over the country of Peru! He was able to encourage the team and even sing a few worship songs with them (in Spanish, of course).

After eating lunch, the students had a time of rest. Then, they went into MOM and POP time where they had the next ManUp and ReignOn lesson. Our students love learning about how God has called them to walk with Him in their own personal ways. Finally, we had worship before going back out to do ministry.

We were able to do one drama before dinner, so the team stopped in the middle of a huge market place. The place was saturated with the smell of cooking food and the sound of vendors working to sell their merchandise. The students preformed while managing to stay out of the way of the ever-present mototaxis. As people shopped, they also stopped to see what the crazy Americans were doing. After the drama, a crowd had formed, and the students went out to minister. One group spoke to a man who was so moved by the message that he gave oranges to every person in the group and then cracked open two coconuts for the students to share. They enjoyed sipping on the sweet juice while the group and the man each encouraged the other to continue on in their faith.

Finally, after dinner, we returned to the Plaza de Armas, which is even busier in the evenings. Nearly 300 people were present for our last drama of the day.  The students were so energized by the crowd and the presence of the Holy Spirit that they performed one of their best dramas to date. When they went out into their teams, each group had a huge crowd gathered around them, fighting to hear the true gospel proclaimed over the sound of the Catholic church bells ringing. As the teams finished up their ministry, each came back with stories to tell about the goodness and faithfulness of God. Many people came to know Him today, and we are rejoicing in the additions to His kingdom!

We have a special prayer request tonight. There have been multiple times we have encountered a group of Mormons who are also working to share their message with the people of Bagua. There have been times where we know they have come along behind us and spoken to people who have just accepted Christ and shared a message completely contrary to the one that we preach and know to be true. We are praying that their eyes could be opened and that they might even receive true salvation, which is not based on works or imperfect humans but in the only Way, Truth, and Life. Also, we are praying for clarity for those to whom they speak, that the gospel would always speak louder that any other message that is preached.

Please join us in praising Him who deserves all praise, in praying that the team might have the same spirit as they did in that last drama throughout all ministry, and that the Truth would continue to triumph over darkness here in Bagua.

Your CCs,

Jordan and Hannah

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