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Overwhelmed by His Grace

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Good Morning!

We are excited to share the great things God is doing in Panama. After our afternoon and the movement of God we witnessed on Thursday, we went to bed expectant for God to move but also knowing the enemy would attack. We had an early morning the next day, so the students awoke earlier than usual for breakfast and headed out to ministry. At Awe Star, one of the tools we like to use is training students for future leadership roles. Yesterday we brought two of our students up to be the role of the Team Directors (TDs) for the day. They got to experience a little bit of what it looked like to have more authority and make decisions. They did an excellent job, and we are so proud of them!

The team headed out from our home here at Casa Blanca bright and early and back to a local church we visited last week. We performed the drama for a group of kindergartners and first-graders before heading out on the bus to our next site. The next site was a school, where we performed three dramas for three different huge groups of students! Our team normally averages about three to four dramas a day, and they were now at four dramas before 11!

But the enemy was already beginning to work in attacking our team. Exhaustion and struggles we hadn’t faced yet on this trip were starting to come out. Students were feeling attacked physically, emotionally and spiritually. But the gospel was proclaimed! The apostle Paul said that he would put up with anything rather than hinder the gospel of Christ, and that is how our students handled ministry. Several of our students got to preach the full gospel and give invitations to students and we saw many young students surrender their lives to follow Jesus. It was such an encouraging time to see the faithfulness of God.

The students rode the bus back to Casa Blanca for lunch, and immediately, we sensed the weight of spiritual warfare. It felt like the enemy was attacking us any way he could. We prayed and worshipped, trying to give the team rest and get their minds focused on God. After this, we headed out to Cinco de Mayo. Our students were prepared to do the drama but the Lord had other plans. The enemy started to attack our speaker system to prevent us from doing more drama ministry. But we know God has all authority and that our disappointment is Gods divine appointment. The drama is a tool we use to share the gospel, but it is not paramount. Our students were sent out in their ministry teams to speak one-on-one and do street evangelism. At first we saw a lot of difficulty, as soon as they would pray and head out it seemed like all the people would disappear. But God began to work, and we saw salvation after salvation!

One of our students in particular was having a difficult time feeling confident in her ability to share. She was assigned the role of the ministry team leader but didn’t feel adequate. However, the Bible says that if we lack confidence in sharing, we can pray and ask the Lord to give us the strength and confidence. So we told her we knew God wanted her to share the gospel. The first woman she spoke to ended up being a believer who prayed with her and “felt the Holy Spirit move.” After this conversation and feeling more encouraged, this girl and her ministry team went and began sharing with a couple. After an incredible conversation, both the girl and guy ended up surrendering their lives to Christ. It was so good to see the joy on the students’ faces, knowing that if we ask God, He will graciously give in abundance and help us in our weakness.

After finishing street ministry, the students were brought back for a great dinner of arroz con pollo. As leadership, we still felt the presence of the enemy’s attacks, so both Razi and Melanie spoke on spiritual warfare. Razi spoke on the importance of putting on the armor of God, how we need every aspect of armor to be ready to stand firm against the attacks of the enemy. Melanie spoke on the importance of getting in the Word and how, if the enemy can take the Word away from us, he takes away our weapon. We then asked the students to spend time in repentance and confession of sin, praying and seeking the Lord. The Holy Spirit moved and brought a spirit of truth to our students. They were in tears and on their knees, crying and asking God to come in and be made much of in their lives! They then began to walk around the compound where we were staying, and they prayed to cast out the attacks of the enemy. It was a sweet time, and we feel as though we are stronger and more ready for what God has for us today and our last few days of ministry.

This morning, we are headed to an English school where we will perform the drama for several groups of students. This afternoon, we will work with a local church and go to Casco Antiguo to perform the drama. Casco is a very touristy area and sees hundreds of people from all over the world walk through its streets every day. We believe the enemy has been attacking us so strongly because God has something huge in store for us, so we are walking with expectation and faith in what God has.

Pray for our team! Continue to pray against the enemy. He must not gain a foothold because we will not lose! We already have the victory! Pray our students are driven to the Word and to prayer. Pray for boldness in sharing the gospel.

“Pray for me also, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given to me so that I will boldly make known the mystery of the gospel”  (Eph. 6:19).

God is working!

Your Country Coordinators,
Melanie & Razi

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response to Overwhelmed by His Grace

  • Claudia Ramirez says:

    Praying for the whole team. You all amaze me with the courage and strength you have to share the gospel. I know it is not easy, but you are doing it. My our Lord continue blessing the team, protecting your surroundings, and creating many more divine encounters. I pray that the Lord’s armies of angels continue fighting steps ahead, beside and behind the team. God is in control! We sometimes forget that…be bold and finish this trip giving God all the honor and glory! You all are mighty warriors…spreading God’s love and truth. Continue on…!!!

    Raziel, I love you dearly. You are this young godly man that does not and will not hold back on sharing and spreading His love. God has some great things in store for you. Get ready and be prepared…it is going to be big and out of this world. May God continue blessing you and the team!

    Forever His,
    Your Mom-Claudia

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