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Buenas Dias! This is the update for July 8. The Lord has done so much in just the past few days; we felt like one update could not merely contain it all. 

 Saturday was such a good day for our team, and so many great things happened! After our team time last night of spending an extended amount of time with the Lord, they came to breakfast ready for battle, wearing the armor of God. Before our day started with the team, we as leadership felt that the students who had stepped up into the T.D. role yesterday did such a good job that we should let them again.

We started our morning out in a rush because we were presented with new opportunities to do several dramas before lunch that we were not aware of the night before! Praise the Lord! When the students were ready to go, we walked and took the Metro to Iglesia La Biblia de la Comunidad and performed the drama for the American English Overseas Center. Here, we got to interact with students learning English, which formed bonds between many of our students and the students for whom we performed.

Thankfully, our speaker system was working at the time, and our team was feeling strong. Through that, many divine appointments happened and souls were won for and by Christ! After the English students went back to their classes, we did a small teaching together about our quiet time. Because of our rushed morning, our T.D.s  felt some more time in the Word was needed, so we all did the quiet time for the day again together and then had each the assigned ministry teams talk about it and pray together.

The Scripture for the day was 1 Peter 4:1-10, about how to use your spiritual gift. This went perfectly along with what the students needed for the unity of the team to continue to be strong. The devotion spoke specifically about how “Our spiritual progress hinges on our willingness to work together.” God’s timing is so good, even in the little things involving what our team needs to hear from His Word and when!

After this time studying God’s Word as a group, the leadership felt that the students still needed a boost of encouragement. so we treated them to Subway. After a tasty lunch, it was time to travel to our next ministry site to perform our next drama. After walking for a while and riding the Metro (subway) for several stops, we finally made it to our site. Our wonderful translators were so kind to our students and drove the speaker system and assignments to this site so they didn’t have to carry them on the Metro. The Metro was packed because it was Saturday, and many of the students were excited to experience this part of Panamanian culture.

This next site was also an American English Overseas Center. When setting up the speaker system, we realized that, just like yesterday, it once again was not going to work without being plugged into an outlet. Though it was frustrating, the students were confident we were in the right place at the right time because the enemy was trying to stop us. Thankfully, there was an outlet right next to where we had set up the speaker up, and we did not even have to move the speaker an inch. The students who watched our students do the drama were so responsive, and the performance even brought one girl to tears. One of our students engaged with her after the drama and helped guide her seeking soul into a relationship with the Lord. It was so amazing to see how excited all our students were about this! Several other relationships with the Lord were started during this time, and we are so proud of the way our students fought the enemy and stepped out of their comfort zones.

After the American English Overseas Center students left, a translator and a leader took the speaker to try and get the battery replaced so we could continue with our scheduled dramas for the day. Unfortunately yet fortunately, God again had other plans, and in our waiting for the speaker, we traveled on to our next site. This site was very touristy, a part of Panama our students had passed but not experienced. This was also the first time for one of our students to be so close to an ocean. To see the awe in him and how he saw God’s glory in the vast sea were amazing. Because our speaker was still not functioning, we then walked on to another spot in the same area and waited to meet with a church. But God had other plans, and the church people didn’t show up. This was taken as a perfect opportunity to manage our time and head back to the White House for some much needed team time, talking about the events we had experienced that day and letting the students share their God-stories with each other and affirm each other as well.

God is so good, and the unity on this team just shows how the body of Christ truly is one body when students from all over the United States can come together, not knowing each other beforehand, yet becoming so important to each other far before our time in Panama is over.
Your Country Coordinators, 

Razi & Melanie

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