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Our God is Greater

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Buenas Dias from Nuevo Laredo!

The students awoke this morning well-rested and ready to begin our day. Yesterday the students had a traditional Mexican breakfast and prepared to go out for their first day of ministry.

Our first site was a juvenile detention center. This is a detention center that Awe Star has visited before, but the young men in the detention center have cycled through. Although it was the first site, the students were engaging with enthusiasm. We performed the drama for less than 20 people at this prison, about 10 of which were inmates. After the drama our students went out into ministry and began engaging with the inmates. The Lord did incredible things and we watched many give their hearts over to the Lord. Several of our students were moved to tears seeing the men surrender their lives to follow Jesus.

After this we got to perform the drama at a plaza. Although it was rainy and colder, the students persevered and performed with joy. At this site there were a lot of homeless people gathered around watching the drama. One of our students has a huge heart for homeless people and immediately felt called to share with one of the women. After the drama ended she went over and began to share with her the story of the gospel. The woman was moved to tears and surrendered to the Lord with great joy. But the student wasn’t finished.

Moments after, our student felt God telling her she was supposed to tell the girl that she was loved by God. One of the teachings we have at Awe Star is that when God calls you to do something, your next heartbeat should be a heartbeat of obedience. Our student proceeded to tell her how much God loved her and the woman began crying. She explained that she was four months pregnant and would be unable to have the hospital. The hospital is right across the street from the plaza, but they will not let this woman give birth there. She is planning on having her baby right there in the park. Our ministry team got to pray over her and pray for the baby and mother’s health and safety. Gloria a Dios!

After a delicious lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, our students got to go to a pulga. A pulga is essentially a giant flea market with various vendors that come set up every single day and sell their merchandise. There are hundreds of people that go in and out, so we got to perform two different dramas. At both dramas large crowds gathered and many came to know the Lord.

Next to the pulga we were at was a supermarket store, similar to what a Walmart in America would be like. The Lord opened the door and we got to perform our last drama of the day at this store. Thankfully, our sound system is very loud so everyone from the back of the store to the front could hear the narration of the gospel.

Once our ministry was done, our students came back and had an amazing dinner. We are so blessed to have amazing cooks here in Mexico. Walker gave the students a teaching on how men and women can build one another up in love, men speaking into women and vice versa. We are excited to see how this new teaching will affect how they do ministry today.

The students are finishing breakfast now and soon we will head out to go into ministry. Please pray for our day today and the ministry that is to occur. We believe that God has the power to do incredible things and want to walk in the confidence of God.

Your Country Coordinators,

Walker & Melanie

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