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Our Disappointments are God’s Divine Appointments!

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This morning both teams woke up to a traditional breakfast of tortas bread filled with chorizo and eggs. After breakfast, the teams split up to start their Jesus Ministry for the day.

Team Feliz took a long van ride to get to the city of Anahuac. We presented the drama in a pulga (flea market). Once the students started dancing a large crowd began and we started the drama. As the drama went on the crowd grew larger and larger. After the drama the students went out in their ministry groups and began talking to the people. Many people stayed as the students worked their way from group to group to talk to everyone. It was about lunchtime, and we found a great spot to do the drama by a taco stand. Once again as the drama was presented, a large crowd grew. People filled the street as God drew people to the drama. Many people thought they were there to just get a taco or maybe some things from the flea market, but they received so much more. They received the hope and joy that only comes from Jesus Christ.

After lunch we thought we were going to another city, but nobody was there. Though we were disappointed we knew that our disappointment was God’s divine appointment. So we decided to continue to our next city.

Once we arrived at the colonia after a long ride, the students enjoyed playing soccer and engaging with kids at the park. They were then able to talk to the kids who they played with at the park after the drama. Many of them decided to have a personal relationship with Christ.

At our last drama site we went to a large plaza. As we set up a TV crew came and interviewed us about why we were there and even recorded part of the drama. While the drama was going on, God placed a group of people on a student’s heart but they started to walk away. The student prayed they came back and eventually they came back and the whole group came to Christ.

After breakfast, Team Navidad had a time of worship with no instruments or lyrics to assist them, just their voices raised to glorify our King! We then left the church and arrived at our first site where we performed the drama three times at different locations within a pulga (flea market). There were many distractions during the drama but that did not phase the students one bit. They pushed through the distractions and still saw many people come to know the Lord.

We then headed back to the church for lunch and a great time of fellowship between our team. After lunch we made our way to our next site that did not work out so we began to pray to see where God wanted us to go. By God’s amazing time and placing, there was a soccer field filled with players close to us. We spoke with the young men that range in ages from 10-28. We convinced them to halt the game long enough to perform the drama. God moved in a mighty way. Ten young men were led to the Lord on that soccer field. Team Navidad’s schedule was set up for us to be at a juvenile detention center. It was humbling for us and a reminder that sometimes our disappointments are God’s divine appointments.

The evening came to a close with both teams arriving back to Agape and enjoying a feast that was prepared for us followed by a great teaching from Walker.

In Christ,


Gerri and David

Haley and Colby

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  • Gilbert says:

    Hi team Feliz and Navidad – from Britain! – great to hear of people coming to the Lord, thro your willingness to go and share – praying y’all will see yet more as the week goes on.

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