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Open Doors in Schools

Good day from Battambang! The team woke up ready to be back at ministry in a new city. With our usual eggs and bread for breakfast, we headed out a ways to some schools today. We arrived at our first school and joyously danced with the kids until we were ready to perform the drama. Immediately after going to minister to the teachers, our students encountered a few teachers who were so ready to pray to receive Christ that they couldn’t even wait for us to explain the drama better! One teacher said her children go to church so she has heard about Jesus and is now ready to pray. What an encouragement to this team! We hear so often that they need more time and do more planting of seeds than harvesting, but this time we got to see the fruits of our fellow believers labor. Their enthusiasm was such a blessing.

After some time spent eating and resting in a local church, the team was ready for more ministry at schools. In Cambodia, many of the schools are on the same grounds as a Buddhist Temple, and this one was no different. A temple was being built right by the school. While the drama was playing, a few of the monks peeked through windows to get a glimpse of what we were doing. As one of the students were talking with a woman right outside where the monks were staying, she was ready to receive Christ but didn’t want to at this time because the monks were watching.

This is the epitome of these people. They want to know who Jesus is but they are so oppressed by what their culture has told them. Then, we were able to return to the first school we were at because there was a different group of students there. As we arrived, the teachers who received Christ had already been sharing about Jesus with the students they were teaching now. That is passion!

Tonight, the team received a teaching tonight about The Keeper who watched over the flock while David defeated Goliath. A lesson on being a servant and not getting any recognition for it. We have a wonderful example of a Keeper in Pastor Mony, and the students were receptive to the teaching as we all could be better servants for the Lord.

Please pray for continued health and for us to take every day head-on with everything we have. We apologize for our pictures being out of order. We are unaware of how to fix it, so please go through older pages and you might find some newer pictures. Thank you for your patience with us!

Country Coordinators,

Jesse and Danielle

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6 response to Open Doors in Schools

  • Magen Brown says:

    How encouraging it is to hear how willing and ready those teachers were in receiving Christ. You had posted before to pray for open opportunities in this city and it seemed you were ready for a huge battle, but how mighty and wonderful our God is to provide these open hearts!! How amazing that these teachers had already began to plant seeds before you arrived a second time to do ministry there. He is so faithful! (Psalm 89: 1-2) We continue to pray for open doors in Battambang, and for those who are so oppressed by what they’ve grown up knowing. Continue to walk in the Light and shine bright to these people in Cambodia! ‘Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O Lord!’ Psalm 89:15

  • Jason Tanner says:

    Love reading how God continues to move as you remain Obedient to His calling and leading. Stay strong and focused as your time there draws to a close. I’m praying that each of you experience a renewed energy and excellent health. May you point to Christ in all that you do. I pray for the people to have tender hearts and an eagerness to accept Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives! Finish strong! So proud of the investment this team is making to further the Kingdom. Trevor, Jordan, Sara, and team – complete the work you have been called to do! Can’t wait to see you all! Love you Trev!

  • Kelly Greene says:

    This team is such a blessing to me! I read how God is moving in this dark country and how He is using these young people who are so willing to give of their time, love, and energy to show the people of Cambodia how much God loves them and my heart overflows! I pray for your continued health and safety and that you will finish strong!! Jesse and Danielle, you are AWESOME leaders and I am so thankful for your updates! I am also very proud of you both. I was reading in Romans this morning and this verse jumped out at me: Romans 8:28 “We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.” This team has planted many seeds and I know God sent you there according to His purpose. May He be glorified in everything that you do! We love and miss you Jesse! Mom and Dad

  • Chad Thompson says:

    Pictures are fixed. Should be in order now. new pictures will show 1st now instead of last.

  • Chad Thompson says:

    So excited to hear all that God is doing in Cambodia. Continue to scatter the seed of the Gospel and allow Christ to do the rest. No greater joy than being a part of the harvest as well as the planting.

  • Gilbert Speakman says:

    Hey Craig, Ray and all team Cambodia! – Wonderful to hear about the teachers so ready to pray – and open doors in schools – Ps.96.v.2-3. – rejoicing and praying – ya’ll are sowing good seed which will bring an harvest for HIS glory.

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