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O, how the Lord is moving in Panama!!!

We started out our day with a delicious Panamanian breakfast, and a word from Walker to prepare us for the day.  We began ministry at a center for children with cancer and leukemia – it’s a beautiful campus called Fanlyc, and they bring in low-income families with children in cancer treatments to give them a safe place to stay, kind of like the Ronald McDonald house.  Pastor Luciano has been talking to the staff there for years, and today Awe Star was able to minister there for the first time!!! We were able to spend time with some precious little ones as we did the drama for them, had a birthday party complete with presents and a cake, and loved on the kids!  It was such an encouragement to talk to them and their parents, and we were excited to find out that many of them have put their faith in the Lord!  It was incredible to hear how they have endured through all the adversity that they face, and that they understand that God has a plan for their lives. 

We spend our lunch hour at La Communidad Baptist Church, eating and praying for the family of the pastor there.  Please be in prayer for the Diaz family – their parents were both in the hospital.

Next we headed off to Cinco de Mayo street – the most happening place in Panama City!  We first did the drama in a large park, and were able to proclaim the name of Christ to many who watched! The last drama we performed was in the middle of the street in Cinco de Mayo in the rain – but praise God, He is not hindered by a drizzle!  We had the biggest crowd of the day, and while we don’t know how many decisions were made, many many conversations were had, and the Lord was definitely present and moving!

Today was definitely a day of connections – we were able to spend lots of time with people and really get to know them as we ministered to their hearts.  Many seeds were planted, and although not all the ones that we spoke to chose to make a decision today, there are many people who will be in our prayers for a long time to come.  Please continue to pray for us as we head out tomorrow to continue ministry, and pray for the hearts that were touched today, that God would continue to move in their lives!



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3 response to O, how the Lord is moving in Panama!!!

  • Lisa Baugher says:

    Praying for you and that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored (2 Thes3:1). Our God who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth (1 Tim 2:4) has been glorified through the preaching of His great and glorious gospel! We, here in Lebanon, are continually lifting up the team and the people of Panama. We are thankful for the hearts there that have been changed, and look forward to hearing more as the week goes on. Love you team FBC! Lebanon misses you…especially missing my girl. <3

  • Marti Pieper says:

    I love seeing how God is moving through this team. Continuing to pray for you as He does His good work!

  • Amanda Collins says:

    What an amazing week! Praying that God continues to work in the hearts of the people you are sharing with. Weather decisions are made or seeds are planted, God has brought you to that very place on that very moment for his explicit plan. May you continue to see God show up in the big and the little things. Look forward to more updates!

    PS-pass along to Jacob and Saria they may have heard Kellsie (there sister) was in the hospital. She had to have a scope to remove plastic from her throat but she is fine {Praise God} and is now at home resting and will make a full recovery.

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