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Hello friends and family,

Everything is going really well with everyone on our team. Right now the team is waking up after a much-needed rest from a late night of ministry.

Yesterday was a national holiday here in Suriname. Due to this we stayed at the  Bible school most of the day and dove into the Word of God. We know that we only have a few more days of ministry, so we want to make sure that we stay focused on the task at hand. It can become easy in the Christian walk to become satisfied and just go through the motions as a Christian. We want to engage in the battle and be intentional in all that we do.

In the afternoon we loaded up onto the bus and went to a church in the city. This church is fairly new and meets in a school. Across the street from this church is a small convenience store. The pastor said that we would do our ministry in the very small parking lot. Upon stepping foot outside of the school compound the team noticed many young men gathered in front of the store, drinking beer and staring at us. As we approached, this group began laughing at us. But this didn’t stop the team at all. We started doing the drama and about halfway through, it started to rain very hard. But even that did not stop the students. Though there were many people laughing at the start, they all stayed and watched the drama with much interest.

After the drama was over, the students went out into their ministry teams to begin sharing the Gospel. One of the students went to three young men and began sharing. About halfway through the presentation, one young man stopped her and said, “Wait, I already have a relationship with Jesus”. He was a missionary from India. The Lord had called him to Suriname to share the good news! The Lord then used one of our students and the man from India to point the two other young men to Christ.

One of our other ministry teams went to a group of four or five men and began presenting the Gospel to them. They all accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They shared the story of Nicodemus and how we must be born again. Then one of the men asked our students about the power of prayer. This allowed one of our students to share about how the Lord had healed him from a kidney stone a few weeks ago. Still unconvinced about what the Lord can do through prayer, the man mentioned something about his mother who was sick. This allowed another of our students to share his testimony about his mother being sick and how he continues to pray for her daily. It was evident that the Lord was doing a work is these men’s hearts. As they prayed and parted ways the men poured out their beer and threw it away.

Yet another ministry team went and shared the Gospel with the store owner. The Lord spoke to his life and he surrendered ll to the name that is above all names. This Chinese man and his wife blessed the group by giving each of us a bottle of soda. This amazed the churchgoers and other nationals because they say this would never happen unless the Lord did a mighty work. They say that store owners do not do that in Suriname.

As we went back to the church and some students got to share their stories, the pastor shared a conviction the Lord had put on his heart as well. Every day, he drives past that convenience store. Each one of those men knew he was the pastor of that church, but he did not know one of them. So many times we are too afraid to step outside of our homes or workplaces to see the seeking souls that the Lord has placed there just waiting for a willing witness. We must not assume it is somebody else’s job or that somebody else will do it.

The pastor’s conviction was a great reminder for us all. Whether we are in Suriname or America, there is always work to be done.

Please join us in prayer as we finish our last days of ministry strong. We know God has divine appointments set up for us in the time we have left.

Chad and Danielle


Pictured are the MOM and POP groups

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