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What a bittersweet day! Our team had its last full day of ministry in the parks and plazas of Huánuco today. Once again, the Lord used us to both encourage fellow believers and to gain new brothers and sisters in Christ. Even though all of our dramas were at familiar locations again, the Lord was faithful to draw new crowds and to provide new seeking souls for us to witness to. Praise Him for all that He has done and will do through the obedience of this team in this city and for the work that our missionary friends will carry out long after we are gone.

At our first drama site, which was a familiar one, not only did the Lord draw many to hear the Good News and to enter into His Kingdom, but He also provided our team with a way to (once again) tell many others about Him. A reporter from the newspaper Correo saw the drama and came up to our team to interview us. She was very curious as to what we were doing and why. Reporters always ask the best questions! She asked where we were from, why we were doing this in the city of Huánuco, how our students raised the financial means to come, and what motivated them to give up their summers to tell other about Christ (she had no idea how perfect her questions were).

Through answering these questions, we were able to share that our students come to Peru (and we also mentioned the other teams in Panama and Suriname) because they felt called by the Lord. We went on to explain that each student is responsible for raising their own support, and that we do this solely because Christ loves us and that love compels us to share with others. The woman was overjoyed at our answers and told us to look for the interview in tomorrow’s newspaper. Praise God for the opportunities that He gives us and the ways that He moves!

Tomorrow, the team will only be performing dramas in the morning and will then use the rest of the day to prepare for the bus ride to Tingo Maria.

Please lift up the final day of ministry in this city, that God would allow us to be used by Him to in a mighty way again Please pray for our safety in travel, for our health, and that God would open many doors in the city of Tingo Maria for the spread of His Gospel and His Kingdom. Continue to pray for focus, for strength, and for perseverance.

Until All Have Heard,

Your CCs,

Karissa & Jacey

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