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News Time!

Hello, we hope that you enjoyed your 4th of July in the United States. We spent the holiday painting the church that we are partnered with, La Comunidad. After we spent the entire day painting the church, they blessed us with a gift of pizza. Then, we began our talent show for the night and had a human firework show to celebrate. Its quite different celebrating the independence of the United States in a different country.

Today, we started back on drama ministry in an area of Panama that is extremely stricken by poverty. We were blessed to do five different dramas in this neighborhood, and we had so many people surrender their lives to the Lord. It was so amazing, and the great thing is we were able to reach many more people than the ones we saw today.

While we were performing the drama on a soccer field, a man came up and then began to video us with a huge camera! After it was over he came over to our leaders and stated that he was working for a local Panamanian news station, and they wanted to do a piece about us for the news that night. They asked to interview one of our leaders, and he began to share the gospel on the news channel. Our God just continues to provide us new avenues to share His light to the lost world.

We ask that you continue to pray that God would use us to further His kingdom and let us see a closer glimpse of Him every day. Thank you so much for your prayers and comments. We need them to to help encourage us and help us finish this trip.

Your CCs, 

Dustin and Meagann

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12 response to News Time!

  • Morgan Bridgeford says:

    What an amazing story. Love hearing about the souls God is touching through this team. Love you all and I am continuing to pray for you guys. Hope you had a fun fourth it sounded like a blast! Meagan I love you and can see the women you are turning into just by the pictures. I miss you and I am so thankful for a sister like you who love and fears The Lord.

  • Gilbert Speakman says:

    Hi Panama team! – rejoicing to hear of all the Lord has done in Panama thro y’all.

  • Dana Cantrell Parish says:

    Praying that you are rejuvenated daily so you finish strong. Revel in every moment of every day that you have left in Panama in your work for The Lord! We love you all bunches and bunches:)
    Mom, Dad, and Kyle

  • Nikki Smith Reach says:

    Sounds like a great couple of days. That is so neat that the cameraman was there and you got to share with so many people.

    Kati – I love you and miss you. Can’t wait to see you Friday.

  • Ryan T Reach says:

    It is amazing how God just calls you to go and them when you are obedient he provides!

    There are so many people praying for you all. Also, so many people are reading the blog updates and looking at pictures. You are not only impacting lives in Panama, but through your updates you are ministering and encouraging people back home. Thank you for all you are doing. You are a blessing!

    Kati – I cannot wait to see you on Friday and hear first hand all the exciting experiences you had in Panama. I think about and pray for you constantly!

  • Angela Hudgins says:

    That is so very exciting! God is so good. Amazing that the Gospel was shared on TV. Mya – I love you ! I loved the pictures. Thank you for whoever has taken all of the pictures for this team. They have been a blessing to us back home. Can’t wait to see you Mya!

  • Stephani Brooks says:

    Kati – I heard a Lecrae song today and thought of you! I just wanted to say hi & finish strong! God is sure providing awesome opportunities for the Good News to spread in Panama!

  • Bellamy Looney says:

    Sounds like the last couple days were lots of fun and fruitful. We are so thankful for God’s timing with the news reporter. Once again, what are the chances? – 100%!! Mary Jayne – we love you and can’t wait to see you on Friday! Finish strong these last few days and know that you are all prayed for. I hope someone has pictures of the human fireworks show!

  • Amy Fraim says:

    God is faithful, and I am so thankful for His provision for this team, over and over! It is such a blessing and encouragement to me to read what God is doing through y’all in Panama!! Wow!!! Praying you all will continue to shine His light, and that you all will finish strong!!
    Mya- I sure would love to give you a BIG hug right now!!! :). I love you so much! I am so blessed by you and how you love the Lord and love others!! Your smile is the amazing!! We love you!!!! Mrs. Amy 🙂

  • John Carpeter says:

    Seek ye the kingdom of God first and all these things will be added unto you. Winning souls is not your first pursuit – God is. Winning souls is your second pursuit and that happens (is added unto you) as you seek Him first. Press into Him and He will renew your strength. Revel in His beauty for it is there you find passion and energy and a deeper knowledge of God. Thank you for sharing your adventures; I am continually awestruck at all He does through you. Your obedience is inspiring. Ally, I love you and I am WAY past missing you – it’s an all new missing you level now! Can’t wait to see you and hear all your stories! Love love love you!! (I’m filling my love tank cause I think yours may be full – lol!)
    Love Mom

  • Matt Ball says:

    The Ball’s in Bristow are thanking God for all of you! Isn’t it awesome when He does something way beyond what we were even thinking or asking? I love the story about the news story! We will keep praying that the Lord will use you and reveal more of himself to you. Hey Bristow saints, the Ball family misses you. Lord willing, we will see ya on Friday. God bless!

  • Ginger says:

    Hello ministry team. The daily blessings continue to flow. Panama will be forever changed. I am preparing for Sunday church and my heart is with you all.I am proud to be part of your missionary journey. We as Christians have the greatest message to share with others. As your on your last few days my prayer is for endurance and safety to finish the course. Your family and friends are waiting your arrival. Always remember for His glory by His Grace. Hugs to Kati Reach!

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