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Good evening friends and family!

Even though today our students spent huddled in their ministry teams with their
coats on, it did not stop our students from sharing the Gospel.

Team Esperanza (Hope) had their first scheduled ministry site cancelled which
allowed our students to spend some time in prayer and worship. After forty five
minutes, we were given our next assignment.  The team went to a suburb of
Nuevo Laredo.  When we got there, there was only the pastor so our ministry
teams divided up and went into the community to invite people to the drama.  By
the time the drama started, the team was pleasantly surprised as many people
arrived.  The greatest news was 33 people gave their hearts to Christ.  Needless to
say, the students were extremely excited.

The pastor had been trying to reach this community for quite
some time and the students through their obedience, provided an opportunity
through the Freedom Drama for people in his community to hear the Gospel.

Team Paz (Peace) went to a juvenile delinquent center.  There was a group of
students that arrived to see the drama while there were some that were able to view
the drama from their cells.  After the drama was performed, the students went in
teams to talk with the juveniles.  They shared with the students that just because
they had done bad things, they could still have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Many prayed to receive Christ.

As the students shared more about what it means to be a follower of Christ, one of
the boys asked, “How can you believe in God when you cannot see him?”  Through
our students explanation, the boy realized that God is real and God is present.  He
prayed and received Christ.

These are just a few of the great things that God has done today!  The teams have
been so grateful for the translator/missionaries and the churches that God has sent
for us to partner with.

We have been told on a few occasions that there are not as many mission teams
coming to Nuevo Laredo and so the churches have been so encouraged to see the
teams of Hope and Peace come to Nuevo Laredo.


Your Country Coordinators,

Colby and Meridith

Mike and Gerri

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response to Monday:

  • Laura Armbrister says:

    Thanking God for “divine appointments” and the way He is using the willingness of the team to share the gospel and reach many for the kingdom of God…not only are they impacting the lives of others but their lives as well will be forever changed by what they have seen and been a part of on this mission trip. Awe-some!!! that is the God we serve!!

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