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Ministry in the Mountains

Good evening from El Cope!

Early this morning, we began our journey to the city of El Cope. The students were ecstatic to get back to drama ministry. We arrived shortly before noon. El Cope is a small town nestled in the foothills of the Panamanian mountains. The town consists of three or four main streets, a couple of grocery stores, and a school. It is quite a shift from the bustling and crowded Panama City. We are thankful to have arrived safely and excited to have already begun drama ministry.

This afternoon, we were able to perform three dramas in the streets of Cope. First, we performed in a covered futbol field. Here, only a few ventured away from the World Cup match to watch, but we are confident that those few had seeds planted by seeing and hearing the Gospel. There were several children as well with whom the team was able to engage. Engaging brings us closer to the culture, especially when we can engage with the children. This aspect of our ministry is so important for effectively bringing people together with the truth of the Gospel.

In addition to the field, we were able to perform in front of both grocery stores this afternoon. The first one was not far from the local school, so there were many young people relaxing in front of the store. We were thankful to share the Gospel with so many, and were able to gather information from them so that the local church can faithfully proclaim to them the Gospel.

Today presented a unique challenge to our students because we only had one translator with us for much of the day. This meant that more students had to minister on their own, doing their best with their own Spanish and a Spanish ministry card to proclaim the truth. This challenge certainly stretched many of our students. Despite our broken Spanish, we trust the Lord to use us mightily when we are obedient in proclaiming the Gospel. One of our students expressed his frustration at not being able to share as much as he wanted due to a lack of a translator, but he also expressed supreme trust in the Lord for ultimately gathering those whom He intends to save.

While in Cope, we will be headquartered here but will travel to neighboring towns throughout our stay. Tomorrow, we will travel from El Cope to a nearby town, Santa Marta, where we will spend the next two days sharing the drama, but more importantly, sharing the Gospel. As long as we stay in Cope, we will have internet to update the blog, but we are unsure for now how well we will be able to update in Santa Marta or the other small towns to which we will travel this week. Please pray for continued good health, safe travels, and encouraged spirits as we move from place to place.

Your CCs,

Craig and Karissa

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  • John Haynes says:

    I know that the students must be getting weary and my prayer is that they will find strength and peace from the Father as they continue to minister and share Jesus with the people of Panama. What great stories of God’s goodness and faithfulness they will be able to share when they return home. We are praying for all the students and our grandson James.

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