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Ministry in Managua

Today was our final day of ministry for this week; tomorrow, we rest.  At the opening of the day, we went to a Christian school, but the headmaster was very straightforward with us, “Most of these students do not actually have a relationship with God, so share the Gospel.”  One of our students, though, was saddened by their students response to the Gospel.  When presented with the question if they wanted to follow Christ, they would look left, look right, then look down at the ground.  There was a lot of peer pressure in this place, and very few accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord. 

However, we had the opportunity to present it a second time at that same place to a second group of students.  This time, the drama ended right as their bell rang to dismiss them to their lunch hour.  Large groups of students began to leave as one of our team members stood up to explain the drama (cast the net).  It was evident that she was disheartened by those who chose to leave.  It was the ones who weren’t ready to accept Christ who turned to leave, but those who were ready stayed behind to talk.  Better conversations were had because those who would typically distract had already left the building.  One of the reasons we refer to the explanation of the drama as “the net” is because a net is designed for the little fish that are not yet ready to be able to slip through, but it catches the larger fish that are ready.  We saw a small group of students come to know Christ here, and it made a larger impact on our students because they were able to visually see the choice that was made.

Our students have been working hard, and tomorrow is our day of rest.  They were very excited to have the opportunity to sleep in tomorrow and are looking forward to some extra time in the Word.  Please pray that tomorrow will rejuvenate them and prepare them for the time we will spend in Chinendega next week.  Thank you for your continued prayers!

Following Him,

Kenny & Whitney

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response to Ministry in Managua

  • Pam Anderson says:

    Way to go Nicaragua team! You have been faithful sharing the Gospel and He is blessing. We can’t wait to read your updates. What a blessing they are to us. Love you all and praying! Ps 66: 1-7; John 15. May His face shine on you today. We love you Jordan and Max!

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