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Middle of Nowhere

Good evening! Sorry for the lack of communication the last couple of days, we did not have internet. However, we have posted the past two days events. Today we traveled to two small villages to share the Gospel. As we approached one village we started driving up the side of a mountain with no apparent road. After a while we noticed there was a small trail in the grass we were following. After driving on it for about a mile or two we approached a small village with a gate. We entered and our contacts led us to a secluded place enclosed by trees to perform our drama. We got there and there was not a soul in sight, in fact we had not seen anyone in the entire village except for a man who opened the gate for us. As we were wondering who would come watch our drama, a flood of kids and women poured out of a corner we had not seen. By the time all of the people came there were probably 150 in all in this tiny village. We were so encouraged to share the Gospel here because we were told that the Gospel was starting to become known there but there were still about 75% of the women who did not know Christ. Our contacts were so thankful that we came to further show and explain the Gospel to them. The other village we went to was also in the middle of nowhere. We had to drive several miles down a deserted dirt road to reach it. Once we got there the people were so excited we had come that they invited us to have coffee with them. One of the students talked to a woman at this site who was already counting the costs of being a Christian. She was asking questions about how to talk to her husband and what it might mean for her marriage. Our students were able to encourage her and pray for her. We were so blessed today to go to places that are hard to reach but that the Gospel is beginning to penetrate. Continue to pray for more of these opportunities and that we could labor much in the last few days that we have here. Country Coordinators Jesse and Danielle

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6 response to Middle of Nowhere

  • Renee Hudgins says:

    Hello Sweet Mya,
    Pops and I love you very much. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures. I know you have met some amazing people who you will never forget. I’m sure when it’s time for you to leave, it will be bittersweet; excited to return home but sad to leave. Just think, you will see your new saved friends in Heaven one day. I’ve been getting ready for camp. Saylor and I were texting about camp, and she was telling me how excited she was. I texted back, “I know, I can’t wait!” After a second or two it dawned on me. “Something’s wrong with this picture. I’m 65 years old and excited about church camp. I need to get out of the house more often.” LOL. Pops said, “Your roommates are going to be miserable because you snore very loudly. So, take your C-PAP breathing machine to show mercy. Or better yet, we will send you with a muffler to cover your mouth and nose.” So instead of taking the C-PAP machine (when in place, I look like a jet boomer pilot) I’ve been experimenting with nose strips. Well, how do you think that went? Easy to put on, hurtful to remove. Anyway, may God continue to bless you and the team with souls won to Christ. I’m praying that God will call each one and that the Holy Spirit will convict. Thank you for being a ‘Willing Witness.’ Can’t wait to see your precious face. God be with you. Blessing, love, and prayers. Granna

  • Matt Ball says:

    It is so good to hear from yall again! We love hearing about the amazing things the Lord is doing there. We are praying that you will finish strong and that the Lord brings you back safely. Jeff, Zach, Erika – we love you and miss you. Han, we miss you like crazy and can’t wait to see you again!

  • LeeAnne Polk says:

    Mya!!!! So proud of you and the rest. Keep being the light people need to see and bring the excitement back here to Greenville so it can spread. I’ll be at camp again this year so I’ll see ya there! Praying for everyone! Love ya girl!

  • Steven Hudgins says:

    I love you dearly Mya. I can’t wait to see you next week at Falls Creek. Enjoy your remaining days in Ethiopia. Love you. Dad

  • Savannah's Mom says:

    Savannah, we are so very proud of you! I know that you are called to do God’s work! Your love of children is shining through:). Can’t wait to kiss each one of those freckles!

  • Sherri Britt says:

    It is so wonderful to read your posts and to hear all about what God is doing through each one of you. I am praying for strength and safety for all of you. Jeff, it is good to see some pictures of you. We are all missing you and look forward to seeing you soon. Continue to draw closer to God and do great things.
    Love ya,

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