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Mexican/Word Feast

Mexican/Word Feast

Last night after a full day of training, the ladies of the church prepared for us some incredible food. I am not sure what you called it, but it was a beef stew type of meal with fresh corn tortillas. You will see by the pictures how the team really enjoyed the food here. Brother Walker brought a challenging and encouraging message on our theme “Must Work, For the Night is Coming” out of John 9.  


The team has been divided into two groups, Team Peidras and Team Negras. Team Peidras is being lead by Zach Smith and Gerri Smith (not related). Team Negras is lead by Mike Lehew and Meridith Ingram. If you are looking for the team your child is on, the one with the leader who has goatee is Team Negras.


We are currently encountering some internet issues and are trying to resolve them. Allow me to describe some of the pictures we have posted. There is one of a white building, that is the girls dormitory. The mens dormitory looks exactly like the girls so no use of posting one. The picture of the white trailer is the shower trailer and there are pictures of what it looks like on the inside. There is hot and cold, a rare combination for us missionaries. There are pictures of the pastors with Brother Walker. They met yesterday to go over the weekly schedule.


What we cannot be shown in a picture is how the Lord is already moving through our team.

Today the students are ready to go to work.


Serving Him,

Zach Smith

Gerri Smith

Mike Lehew

Meridith Ingram

Walker Moore

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8 response to Mexican/Word Feast

  • Wow, hot water!!! Woooooo~whooo for warm blessings.
    So glad you all arrived safely and are ready to work!
    Thank you all for being willing to share the hope and love of Christ with those in Mexico over your Christmas and New Year!

    My prayer has been that the each one of you will lay aside any agenda that you may have gone with, and answer the call of whatever God’s agenda is for this trip ~ no matter what that might look like.
    Allow Him to work how HE wants, in and through each one of you, and don’t discount how small or big that work might be. Only God knows why each one of you are there, yield to HIM, completely.

    Dyllan and Levi – I think one of my greatest joys this entire year, is seeing you together, serving in Mexico. It brings tears to my eyes (yeah, I know, no surprise there!) I am so proud of both of you!!! It has to be one of the greatest Christmas gifts for me.

    Continually praying…
    Shawna Mattes, Mom, and Aunt Shawna ♥

  • Bekah Smith says:

    Guys!!! You Are In Mexico! And serving Jesus 🙂 I cannot say how proud I am of every single one of you, including those I’ve not met. Y’all are absolutely shining. Keep your eyes on Him!
    Broha, CaseyBaby, GB, Sean, and ‘Sheed: Look at y’all! Serving together! Nothing makes me happier than to see all of your faces in the pictures. I miss you so much and cannot WAIT to hear all of your stories when you come back. Praying for you and your team – I expect you to hug them all often. No excuses.

  • Faith says:

    I am praying for you guys and know that God will work
    powerfully among you as you proclaim His name in Mexico.

  • Marti Pieper says:

    So much fun to see familiar faces along with new-to-me ones serving Him together in a land I love. I’m praying as you keep sharing the best news EVER!

  • So wish I was there with you all. I am praying that each of you experience the power of God in the coming days. Can’t wait to hear the stories of all He does through this group.

  • Elisha says:

    Christ is working through everyone of you guys and gals, keep up the good work. Zach, we got snow here today. It was beautiful but didn’t stay around long. Love you son and proud of you!!

  • So excited for you guys! Cannot wait to hear more! I so wish I was with you all, but I know God is doing some amazing things and has purposed more! Praying and rejoicing! =)

  • Charity says:

    So SO Proud of all of you!:)
    Don’t know all you…only know 2 of you…
    But God is at work:)
    Remember…Missions are not about crossing the sea… but seeing the cross!:):):)
    I can’t wait to hear testimonies of what all God has done thru you guys!:)
    Levi, GO GET’EM! *hairflip*… you got this! So proud of you!!
    Brandi, You are one of my biggest inspirations as a Christian by the life you live! Thank you for being such an encouragement to so many! Keep shining bright!:)

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