• Rebecca, Peru
  • Hunter, Venezuela
  • Melanie, Venezuela
  • Zach, Peru
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  • Dani, North Africa
  • Luke, North Africa
  • Madelyn, Peru
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  • Gloria A Dios!

    Gloria A Dios!

    Glory to God! That is the cry of our heart today. Internet is very slow so we’ll be sharing more stories and pictures tomorrow, but here is a run down of our day. Our teams went to the market place, plazas, a middle school, a juvenile delinquent center, and an orphanage. Such outpourings of His […] Read More »
  • Awe Star: Off the Grid

    Awe Star: Off the Grid

    I’m writing this article from a tiny Sunday School room in Primera Iglesia Bautista, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. One of the things that surprises me when I go speak somewhere on behalf of this publication is that people are shocked to find out I work as a missionary and only write these articles as an extracurricular […] Read More »