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Loving Battambang

Greetings from Battambang! The team has arrived safely and happily. We had a great travel day even though we were on the bumpy, windy road for 8+ hours. We were able to bond with each other even more during our trip, thus making the day profitable. We stopped at a busy city along a crowded river for a great view and delicious PB & J sandwiches. After lunch we briefly went to a woman’s house who was a church leader in this particular city. She was sick and needed prayer for her sickness especially because she is so vital to the local church. Though we weren’t able to go into to her house and meet her because her mother is not a Christian, we prayed for her outside her house. This was very encouraging to the woman and also to us because we were able to take part in Jesus ministry on the way to Battambang in a place that wasn’t designated by us to do ministry, but by the Lord.

We arrived in Battambang a little before dinner, just in time to fill our hungry stomachs. Battambang is one of the biggest cities in Cambodia, so arriving here tonight was definitely a change in scenery. We are so excited for the ministry opportunities we will have here. Tonight after dinner, we took the time to celebrate two of our team members’ birthdays with Cambodian cake. Though one birthday had passed a couple of days ago and the other isn’t for about a week, we didn’t let that hold us back from celebrating their lives. The whole team was filled with joy and thankfulness for them.

We are so ready to start drama ministry in this city tomorrow! Please pray for a sense of urgency among our students as this is the last city where we will do drama ministry. Also, please pray for open hearts and open doors. In the past years we have had a difficult time finding drama sites in this city but also finding open hearts. However, God has done huge things here before as well, so we pray that His name will be made known in this city.

Country Coordinators,

Jesse and Danielle

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13 response to Loving Battambang

  • Jean Bench says:

    Thanks for the update and the great pictures. I think Trevor was in Peru on his last birthday so it is great that he could celebrate there too. We are praying for you as you minister in that large city, remember God was there before you and He will be with you this week. Tell Jordan hello for us, praying for you all. God bless.

  • Matt Brown says:

    We are lifting you all up! May the King have His way in this city. Don’t back down from Truth that sets us free.

  • Larry Parish says:

    Hey Group: Hope all is well and your powering up for your ministry with your time. Erica I hope your tush is OK after that long ride. I bet you had a great time as you traveled. We miss you and can’t wait till you return. Love Dana and Larry

  • Matt Ball says:

    Hey Yall, May the Lord open doors that no one can shut. The Ball Family in Bristow is praying for you. God is not willing that any should perish and so we believe that he will do impossible things there. Erika, we remember you often as we pray. Keep putting on the full armor of God every day. We look forward to hearing your stories (His stories!). God bless you all!

  • Jerry and Mary Tanner says:

    We are so proud of ALL of you. We are praying for you .Thank you for all the updates. Love you all.

  • Marti Pieper says:

    Praying for that urgency and excited about the great, wonderful, amazing things He has already done IN as well as THROUGH you. You are all precious to Jesus and me. Oooh–ooh to my Melanie!

  • Jason Tanner says:

    Great to hear that you all made it safely! I’m excited to hear how God will work in this difficult city! I pray that the floodgates will open and the Holy Spirit will move like never before! Continuing to pray for health, strength, and a renewed passion for the lost people of Cambodia. Trevor – it was so good to hear from you on Saturday. Can’t wait to pick you up and hear all about how the power of God was on display on your mission. Jordan and Sara, we are so ready to hear how God moved in your lives as well! Team – I’m thankful that your mission field extends all the way back to the USA as we get to share your mission with the numerous people who continue to ask about you! What a blessing it is to see the response as we explain what it is you are doing and how blown away they are at what God is doing through you all. Please know that you are not only making an imprint of Christ’s love in Cambodia, but at home at the same time. Love you all.

  • Kim Parks-Jordans momma says:

    Continuing prayers for all of you. Was definitely very good to hear from you Jordan. Hard to believe that you all will be home in a week and half. Looking forward to hearing more details about your interactions with the people. Love you and glad you are having a great trip. Mom

  • Kimberly Schmeckenbecher Carpe says:

    Trevor, Sara, Jordan- Finish strong and praise God in all things! We are so excited to hear about all the amazing things that you learned and experienced. we love you and are praying for you!
    Sara-we love you sweet girl! I pray that this has been an amazing time for you. God is good ALL the time! Give Him all the glory! Can’t wait to hug you and see you crashed on the couch telling us all the cool things of this summer. 🙂

  • Tasha Hartley Leeson says:

    So glad you have made it to the next city. Praying God’s will and plan be delivered with open hearts.So glad to hear your vioce Sara, cant wait to hug you and hear all about the amazing stories.Im very proud of you….Love MOM

  • Sara Matlack says:

    Hey Sara and jordan and Trevor!!!(: I love y’all so much and I’m so excited to be hearing about y’all’s trip day by day. Gods so amazing and I know y’all are spreading the light! Y’all’s team are a blessing and it’s so awesome to see your pictures and where youre at!! I’m sure everyones all learned about Jordan’s craziness by now(; haha. Sara I love you to death and I couldn’t be more proud of you. I’m praying for y’all like crazy and I love each of you. Can’t wait till y’all get home to hear the stories of your trip! Love you and praying!!! -Sara!!!

  • Jane Whitby says:

    De’ara, What a blessing to see you look so happy in the pictures…and what a great team to be bonding with. Daddy, Sissy and I miss you terribly and the family missed seeing your beautiful smile at the family reunion this last weekend, everyone said to tell you they loved you. Tell Becca and Rebecca that we will have to plan a PB&J party as soon as you get back as I am sure that has now become your favorite meal. 🙂 I love you and I am continually praying for your and the team.

  • Angie says:

    The last several weeks have passed by so quickly from this side of the ocean — I can imagine how fast it’s gone for the team! The updates have been amazing, with so many coming to Christ that it’s a little hard to wrap the mind around. Ray, know that we miss you, especially the kids, and are looking forward to their first skype date!! Praying that you continue staying strong, and know that you and the team are in our prayers.

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