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Love On Display

Happy 5th of July! Today we were blessed to perform the Drama in a distant village that had many loving and hospitable brothers and sisters in Christ who had also invited some of their Buddhist friends and neighbors. Before, during, and after drama many of them were constantly serving us by bringing us cold water, giving us umbrellas to shield us from the fierce sun, and giving us fruit and shade during our lunch time which we spent at this location. Several of these Christian brothers and sisters traveled around with us today to help us with ministry.

At one school we went to we packed into a classroom to perform the drama for about forty kids and teachers. One of our students was able to minister to the entire classroom as the remained attentive after the drama and remained in their seats and many of them eagerly accepted Christ. Meanwhile one of our other students stepped outside of the classroom to share the Gospel with the four teachers who taught there. After she shared the gospel with these teachers, each one of them accepted Christ. It is so encouraging that the majority of this school is not only open to the Gospel but also that they accepted Christ. Just pray for our brothers and sisters who followed us to faithfully disciple these new believers.

We found out that these brothers and sisters who had been serving us all day were building a church building and starting a church. We were blessed to pray for them, the city, and for the construction of the church.

This evening the students received a teaching on the importance of the Christ and how that affects our lives. This teaching greatly impacted each of us. God put His love on display by sending Christ to come live a perfect life and die for us. What amazing love! We learned that because justice is an attribute of God, sin must be punished and that’s why Christ died, to take the punishment for us. One of our key verses was 2 Corinthians 5: 21 “For our sake He made Him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.” We also were reminded that the full Gospel is offensive but we must not shy away from it.

Please pray that we would not be afraid to shy away from the Gospel but expound upon it. Tomorrow is our last day of scheduled ministry. We want to finish strong so please also pray for focus, energy, strength, urgency, humility, discernment, and that we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Country Coordinators,

Jesse and Danielle


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3 response to Love On Display

  • Jason Tanner says:

    Thankful for more answered prayers today! Continuing to pray for people of peace to be in your path as you continue in your journey. So many seeds have been planted and watered that will ensure your work there will continue for years to come. Stay focused and finish strong! Praying for more divine appointments as you close out your ministry in this city! Love you Trev, and team!

  • Tiffani Tanner says:

    Love the stories of the great things God has been doing through y’all! I love you Trev & on the count down til when you get back! One more week! (((: Continuing praying for you and your team! Can’t wait to see you Trevor, Sara, & Jordan! (:

  • Marti Pieper says:

    Lifting you up from Peru. I can’t believe the way time has passed, and I’m even more in awe of the ways God has used you. Thanks for taking time to share with us.

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