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Love for Las Culebras

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Wow! What an incredible time we had in Las Culebras! Yesterday morning we loaded up in to boats and headed up the river. We were greeted by the pastor, Antonio, his family, and many other members of the church. We settled in and explored our new village. Pastor Antonio even showed the students how to get mangos from the trees!

Yesterday afternoon, we split up into two groups for house-to-house ministry. One group traveled by boat and the other by foot. The group that walked by foot traveled to a nearby house for their first stop and got to see the Lord move mightily in the lives of two older women. The group learned about these ladies’ lives and how they grow corn to make a living as well as making trips by boat to a nearby city to sell different odds and ends. They even got a laugh out of these two sisters when they asked which one of them was the oldest. The conversation developed into what these women thought about God. They shared that they believed in Him and that sometimes they would pray, but that they were always faithful to give thanks for the food they had to eat. They then shared about how they know that all we’re here to do is to serve the Lord and do good things, and they also expressed their disliking of the local church because they are liars and don’t live what they preach. The group got to share in-depth the truth of God’s grace and that they cannot please God by doing good things but only by the righteousness of Jesus. Their eyes and hearts were opened to truth and they understood that they needed and wanted a relationship with God through Jesus to truly please Him and gain eternal life. The Lord then prompted the group to encourage them to use their testimony to reach even the people within the church and to start a women’s Bible study for the village. The genuineness of these women’s hearts was further confirmed when they came to the church service that night held at the same church they had just told the team that they didn’t like. The team was so encouraged to see the Lord’s hand throughout these women’s lives leading them to a saving knowledge of Himself, and we all have great confidence that He is going to use them in mighty ways in that village!

The group that traveled by boat first went and visited an 82-year-old man, Roberto, and his wife. Roberto had a stroke a couple weeks ago, and Pastor Antonio has been ministering to him and his wife. We were able to pour into and pray with them.  We then traveled to a farm where we were able to engage in new ways. The farm owner, Alejandro, asked us to be manual lawn-mowers and also to clean his kitchen. We jumped to serve, and we had so much fun. Alejandro expressed his thankfulness and told us how since his wife passed away, it’s been hard to keep working on the farm and being a single father. We encouraged and prayed for him and his daughters. It was such a blessing to engage with them and help them where they were.

After dinner, we all came together in the church and worshiped with song , drum, and tambourine. After some testimonies, we presented the drama. It was a great time of fellowship with our Panamanian brothers and sisters!

This morning we all got on boats and headed to the community school. Once we arrived, we hiked through muddy roads and arrived at the school with a bunch of joyful children. We watched them play musical chairs and danced around the classrooms with them. After the drama, one ministry team had the opportunity to talk to the teachers of that school, and another ministry team talked with the students.  The seeds were planted for that school, and we have hope in the Lord for Him to continue moving in that community!

We will post pictures soon. Please pray for healthy bodies, , continued unity, and motivation to finish these last few days strong!

Your Leadership Team,

Craig, Meridith, Jordan, and Becca

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