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Listening to Jesus

Good Morning! 

Yesterday started with a delicious breakfast, and one of our students got to share what God was doing in his life. After lunch, we went to Cinco De Mayo and had three dramas planned. But God had different plans. The team was so encouraged by the success of the first three that they just had to do another.

At the first site, we had many people surrounding our students, striving to hear every word. One student even ran into a family we had previously ministered to in Kuna Nega, and they got to fellowship once again. Many decisions were made, and those souls were set free of the darkness that had controlled them before.

The second site brought many shop owners and seeking souls to our team. One group got to minister to a Kuna husband and wife. Our translator began speaking to them in Kuna, and that got their attention, but we know it was God starting to open their eyes, and they accepted Christ!

Next, the team was going strong, and there were swarms of people everywhere. We started the introduction to the drama, and a store directly behind us was blaring music. So the students began praying that God would turn it off and the people would not be distracted from the gospel. One of our leaders headed over to talk to the man, and he immediately turned off the music as the drama started. We can see that God’s hands are all over our ministry, even in the little things.

The students did the drama with great enthusiasm and joy as the people watched in awe. The Net (gospel presentation) was barely over and the students were running to the people. The people were very receptive and were rejoicing that our students had come to share with them. Many salvations happened as chains were being broken and lives were being changed for eternity.

As we packed up our stuff, the students were begging to continue ministry, so we found another site where we could perform. God was already drawing people there as we walked up. As the drama started, people crowded all around the team. Again, the students ran out to the people right after the Net. One group saw 11 people come to know Christ. Another group got to speak with a man, but they were nervous to approach him at first because they did not get a translator. God already had it taken care of, though, because the man knew English! He ended up accepting Christ as well, which showed us how even when we don’t think we are equipped, God has perfect timing. The third ministry team talked two couples who all accepted Christ!

So today was an incredible day because even though we had plans for ministry, God led us to what He wanted. We saw God work through our tiredness and weakness. We are excited to do more ministry in the city tomorrow. Pray for continued health, enthusiasm and unity. Thank you for your constant prayers, love and support.

Your Panama Leadership, 

Razi, Melanie, Casey & Eduardo

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response to Listening to Jesus

  • Gilbert says:

    Hi from Britain! – Brilliant to hear what God is doing, and the team’s enthusiasm to share! – praying y’all will go on strong, and see many more coming to Jesus as you share!

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