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Let There be Light!

The electricity came on last night right before dinner!  It was such a blessing to have lights in the evening and fans going in our sleeping quarters.  We often take so many things for granted that we forget to be thankful for the normal, everyday gifts we have.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to be in five different schools.  It was wonderful how open the people are.  In one of the schools in the afternoon, one group had the opportunity to speak with several of the teachers.  They were very excited we were there because they are believers too, and they were thankful for our encouragement to share their faith with their students.

One little boy was very interested in the drama.  Afterwards, one of our team asked him if he had ever heard this story before.  He replied, “No.”  The next question was if he attended church, to which he replied, “Yes.”  How heartbroken our team was to learn that he was attending church but had never heard the Gospel!  He heard it shortly afterwards and believed on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

The school we attended preceding the lunch hour brought us a new friend.  This little guy of ten years, Axel, came over to us after the drama and began preaching the Gospel to us.  He explained everything and was thankful we had come to his school.  He said that he studies the Bible and goes to his church.  He had many questions for us, and we encouraged him to keep sharing Jesus with his friends.  Please pray for Axel that God will continue to use him.  He was a great encouragement to us!

Today we have had the opportunity to rest some.  It is one of Nicaragua’s national holidays, and most of the people have traveled to Managua to hear the president speak.  This morning we took several hours to affirm each other of our identity in Christ and how we have seen God move in each others’ lives over the course of this month.  This afternoon we have the opportunity to do some ministry in people’s homes, and the students are looking forward to being back at work.

Tomorrow we leave in the morning after a brief service with the church here, and we will be traveling back to the mission home in Managua for our last few days in country.  Your students have been a privilege to lead and serve this summer!  We are so thankful for their hearts in following Christ!  Please continue to pray that we will focus on today and the task at hand, that we will enjoy our last few days together before we reunite with the other teams in  Dallas.  Thank you for your prayers!

Following Him,

Kenny & Whitney

Country Coordinators

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