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“Let Me Tell You What Great Things God Has Done”

As FBC Lebanon ventured into our second day in Panama we had the words of Walker implemented in our minds, “This is Jesus’ Ministry” and “Listo,” which means “I’m ready.” Still adjusting to 100% humidity levels we headed out into Cinco de Mayo, otherwise known as the Acts 2 Market Place. To get a visual of  Cinco de Mayo, imagine downtown New York City filled with vendors, small shops, and different cultures.

To begin our day, we first realized we had no translators, a bit of a challenge when we don’t speak Spanish and the Panamanians don’t speak much English. However, the Lord provided, as He always does. A Christian man, Fred, who is unable to walk because of circulation problems, was sitting in his wheelchair reading the Bible through a megaphone. We were immediately drawn to him, and he of course was able to help provide the words to our drama. In return, we were able to give him money for batteries for his precious megaphone. Encouragement. That’s what we felt walking away from our first scene, after seeing God’s provision and his disciples at work in Panama.

The people of Panama mostly claim to be Christian; however, they are Catholic and know nothing about a personal relationship with Christ. They have religion but have not allowed Christ to come into their hearts

We had the opportunity to perform the drama six times today, despite the rainy season beginning only one day before we arrived. We have formed into a close-knit family, including our wonderful translators and of course, Walker. We are working in harmony, learning to love each other and God more and more each day. Walker’s Bible studies have been teaching the men how to truly respect the ladies and teaching the ladies, well . . . how to be ladies. It’s amazing how that is already affecting the way we treat each other.

Everyone is healthy, happy, and looking for our stories to take home, so make sure that you ask each member how their trip to Panama was. We are falling deeper in love with the people, the country, and sharing God’s love.


FBC Lebanon


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2 response to “Let Me Tell You What Great Things God Has Done”

  • Thank you for the updates and pictures!! You are continually in our prayers and on our hearts! We love to hear the good news you are sharing…Panama is receiving FREEDOM because of your willingness to serve! Above All…LOVE!! P413 We love you all~ the Boyer’s ~X’s and O’s for Abbi 🙂

  • The Browns, Lebanon says:

    We are so blessed to hear the updates!! It sounds like God is really at work!! We miss you all and are praying constantly for you!!

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