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Let it Rain!

Good evening!

We are very grateful to all of you who have been faithfully following our blog over the course of the summer. Thank you for all your constant prayers and encouraging comments! We have had another exciting day of ministry today. We drove out after breakfast to the small village of Calli. In this village, the people are very poor. The houses are not much more than shacks all connected by a thin dusty path. As we were walking to the local church building, God opened up the heavens and it began to rain. Our shoes and costumes were soon caked in mud from the soaked dirt path. When we finally arrived at the church, covered in mud, we had an impromptu service instead of performing the drama right away, because few people would venture out into the rain. Here the pastor of the church shared his testimony with us of how God healed his back and made him able to walk again. He said that if only he could walk, he would walk anywhere to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was very encouraging to hear his heart and the trials he had walked through in order to plant that church in Calli.

After the rain died down, we performed the drama for the few members of the church that had ventured out. Afterwards, we had intended to travel further into the village, but due to the amount of mud on the hilly paths, we had to turn back. But as we know well here at Awe Star, our disappointments are God’s divine appointments. In lieu of performing further in Calli, we performed the drama twice on the busy Cinco de Mayo Street. This was God’s divine appointment indeed, for we had huge crowds stop and gather around us as we pranced in our costumes, all for the advancement of the Gospel. We had many students who were able to share in English because of the tourists around Panama City. Others shared the Gospel with store owners. Thankfully, because the rain turned us away from Calli, many unsuspecting shoppers on Cinco de Mayo heard the life-saving Gospel this afternoon.

We finished up the day learning a bit more what the Cross means for us as Christians. We dove deeper into what it means that Christ took our place on the cross. Christ was declared guilty on the cross and treated as such, so that we could be declared righteous and treated as such. This makes us all the more excited to go and tell of the glorious Gospel that Jesus has won for us!

As always, pray for good health and safety as we continue to travel around Panama City. Tomorrow we travel to the district of Colon, where we will share the Gospel to some of the neediest people we will meet this summer. Pray for focused hearts and divine encounters. We can’t wait to tell you what the Lord does in Colon tomorrow!

Until then,

Craig and Karissa

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3 response to Let it Rain!

  • Levi Mattes says:

    Hey team! I’ve been anxious to hear about all the amazing things that had happened in El Cope and the surrounding areas! As you all travel to Colon tomorrow be prepared for a lot. Last summer as we were there, we saw God work in mighty ways from the leadership of Colon, to the people we encountered. Despite the poverty and darkness, God is still very much at work there. And how wonderful that He has decided to use Panama 35-Day team 2014 to advance His kingdom in Colon!

    James, I’m so thrilled to see the pictures of you sharing the Gospel with the Panamanians. I remember talking to you often about what this summer had in store for you and praying with and for you often before you left. I hope that Panama has been everything you expected and more. Along with some things unexpected to you, all to see the Lord work in His mighty ways before you. I cannot wait to hear all the stories I know you will bring back to share.

    Becca, I miss you so much and cannot wait to see you again and to hear about all He has done in and through you this summer. I pray that the lessons you take from Panama and Cambodia, Mexico, and Romania have been preparing you for the next step, as there is always another one to take. I know that no matter what the situation is, that you have been serving to your fullest. Remember that regardless of what is happening, that all we do is to the honor and glory of the King. Please be praying for me as there have been a few more complications in my training right now. Pray that I have the patience and humility to trust in the Lord’s will and timing of all things and for His purpose for me here.

    For the team. Continue to let The Spirit move in and work through you all. The Spirit’s workmanship is to glorify the Son. Just as the Son’s is to glorify the Father. Continue to love the people of Panama. Remember that we love because He first loved us.

    David and Eddie! Two of the most amazing translators ever! So proud and honored to know you both! I miss you both so much and cannot wait for the day to serve alongside you both again! Thank you for all that you both do in helping the teams year after year. We are all truly blessed by your gifts and presence on these teams!

    Praying for you all and for the great things that are to happen in Colon and Panama City! Keep your eyes focused on Him! Remember that it’s all for Him!

  • Gilbert says:

    Hi Craig, Karissa, and all team Panama – from Britain!! – it’s so great to hear how God is moving, and how the people are responding as you share. In John C.12, when Mary anointed Jesus’ feet, it says the house was filled with the odour of the ointment – and I think it lingered, for days or even weeks after – and you can be sure, the fragrance of Jesus from your lives, will linger with all those you have shared with and loved on.

  • Stephanie Robinson says:

    I am praying for you all for renewed strength so you can finish strong. The updates and pictures have been wonderful! Can’t wait to hear more stories from Gunner, James, Alex and Becca, and Kara and Amy from the Ethiopia team.

    Becca, Megan’s home from Camp Barnabas now, and it sounds like she had an awesome week – she will have to tell you all about it when you get home. Now I’m just looking forward to having you home, too. Praying for restful sleep, strength and endurance through these last few days, and no pain in your knee. I can’t wait to give you a big hug!! See you soon. Love you!

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