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Last Night

When we first got to the island, we met a man named Crazy Eddie.  That was his name, well, because he was crazy.  From the beginning of the week, he was telling us that there was some kind of great treasure buried in the San Blas islands.  Every day when we got back, Walker would say, “Crazy Eddie, we didn’t find the treasure today.  Are you sure it’s there?” His response was always “Si! Si!”

Every day, we drew a new map for him, and every day, he assured us that the treasure was on a new island.  This morning at about 6:00, we realized he wasn’t so crazy after all.  There was a treasure in the San Blas islands.  It was buried in the hearts of all of the children whose lives were touched this week by a group of willing witnesses.

I’m pretty sure there was more water from the tears shed by our students and the kids than there was in the ocean.  But the thing is, we didn’t build a building for them to call “church” or give them clean drinking water.  All that stuff passes away.  No, this week, God instilled in the hearts of the people on about a dozen different islands something that will never pass away.  Instead of building them a church, God built His church in them.  Instead of giving them clean drinking water, God gave them water that will cause them to never thirst again.

Walker has always taught us that a changed life changes lives.  There were definitely lives changed here this week.  Your students will not come home the same.  They are on a mission to start a fire in Augusta, Georgia.  I know that no one will keep them down and no one will ever keep this group off of the mission field.  They are like the man in Matthew who sold everything he had to buy the treasure he stumbled upon.

These students would give anything for the treasure they have found.  We are so proud of each one of them as I know all of you are.  I know they will be eager to tell you all of the great things God has done in Kuna Yala, or San Blas.  Your students aren’t “sit-tights.”  They are “spit-tites” who know how to keep their hands dirty.

Jesus did the blood. It’s our job to do the mud.

Daniel, Walker, Charlotte

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