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Kissing Panama Goodbye!

Greetings faithful readers!

Good evening for the last time from Panama! We have had an exciting last day here in country. This morning we had a special time together as a team. We were able to finish off this trip by encouraging and edifying one another, thus allowing us to return home joyful and ready to continue to do Jesus’ ministry in our respective homes. All the encouraging words were made more difficult knowing we were counting down our final few hours together as a team, but we know God intends to continue to use us and our stories as we return to our friends and families.

After a filling lunch (PB&J of course), we left the White House for a local Indian Market. We spent much of the afternoon perusing the shops and seeing some of the traditional crafts and adornments of the various native tribes. We saw hammocks, bracelets, hats, shoes, wood carvings, and a myriad of other knick-knacks. When the students had shopped their fill, we took the subway over to the Albrook mall. Here, the students were able to go out in groups to various restaurants for dinner, as well as to buy coffee and other Panamanian snacks to bring home.

Finally, we returned to the White House to pack and prepare finally for a departure very early tomorrow morning. The students said their final goodbyes to the translators and pastor who left us tonight. Please be in prayer for us tomorrow as we travel. Pray for good attitudes as we set out long before the sun rises tomorrow morning. Also, pray that we are able to make all of our flights without troublesome issues that often accompany flying. Most of all, pray that we are open and available to ministry opportunities that the Lord presents us with as we travel and come into contact with people from all over the world in the airports.

Look for one final update tomorrow evening upon our arrival back in the United States. Thank you for faithfully following our blog, and most of all for praying ceaselessly for this team! Your prayers unify all of you with all of us, so that we are one team setting out to do Jesus’ ministry!

Much love,

Craig and Karissa

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response to Kissing Panama Goodbye!

  • Martha Meeks says:

    What a blessing for ME to be able to follow your journeys thru this blog. Thank you for sharing–everything! Your time, your hearts, your lives, your faith….with everyone you’ve been with this summer, especially Alex. It’s been our privilege to pray and we cannot wait to hear more about the work and experiences of this amazing God-journey!

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