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June 3-end of wk 1

Unbelievable week in Africa. We have been harassed at every turn but we may be bruised but not defeated. In the day, we have been teaching 50 pastors about Romans and creating an effective ministry. But at night, we have been going into the Bush to share the Jesus Film. There are 4 of us. THIS WEEK WE HAVE HAD 2,450 PEOPLE COME TO THE JESUS FILM AND 743 HAVE ACCEPTED CHRIST. IS THAT UNBELIEVABLE? For instance, I gave the invitation to a crowd of 800 people and 308 came forward to accept Christ. Here’s the rest of the story. One man beat his wife every time she came to church. That night he was at the Jesus Film and came forward to accept Christ. The night before was similar. Around 150 people had come forward and we handed out a lot of NT (we have handed out approx. 1000 Bibles this week. Anyway, the children took the NT home and the parents showed up on the Pastor’s doorstep. If I had answered the door, I would have been afraid. 24 parents had come back and said they wanted to receive Jesus. However, I have been quite sick, even though I kept going. Immigration gave us trouble in Kigoma and almost did not let us show the Jesus Film. My lead partner had to unpack his backpack at least 2 times, and last night, the Muslims heckled us badly. Only God can do what is being done. Only God can bring the results of what is occurring. Please pray for us. We will be here 2 more weeks. Mungu akabiriki.   – Larry (from facebook post)

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