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June 1st

I am writing to you from the shores of Tanganyika, the longest lake in the world and the 2nd deepest.  My condition is not getting worse and there is some slight improvement.  My body is responding and I am able to keep up with the schedule even though I am sick and the throat feels like swallowing nail-  but I haven’t missed too many meals-  although I am already sick of coo-coo and the mounds of rice that they serve with each meal.  Even my beloved Passion Fruit Fanta’s burn my throat.  But here’ the reason we came.    

We are teaching 50 pastors who only had 4 complete Bibles among the whole of them.  So we gave them all a complete Bible.  In the Bush, we give NT to each convert and then 100+ to the rest of the village.  (Gideons have printed our Bibles for a 1/3 of the cost of last year, so we are here with a large amount of Bibles.  Last night there were only 250 people who came out to watch the Film, but at the end of the film, 110 came to accept Jesus as Lord of their Life.    We get home about Midnight and back up at 6:30am to go to the next day’s events here.     We are teaching on the shores of the lake in the Joy in the Harvest Christian compound.  I can see the Congo across the lake.    Although it is very poor, there are many people here and it is near the lake so there is a food source, south of a main chimpanzee resort, and etc.     *Except they are remote here.  We landed on a Dirt Runway.   If it is raining, then they cancel the flight and go back to Dar es Salaam and the people on the plane are stranded.   Yes I said dirt runway-  they told me that in mid-flight.  So I can add that to my life’s experience.
We saw the nearly flat top of Kilamanjaro on the way over.   It was stuck up above the clouds with snow like a popscicle.  It’ twin peak in Kenya was also seen through the clouds.    Many dried river beds could be seen from the air and many stone formations from either a volcano spewing rock or remains of ancient mtns.    The East Ridge is known for it’s series of Volcanoes.  So this area was once very volcanic and there are many chunks of stone that were thrown about.   So the uniqueness of this area is beautiful.
I met a group from the Univ. of Ark.  They weren’t hard to find, since half of them had Hog hats on.  We talked.  There were only 2 boys with all the girls in the group,  so I had no luck in getting their attn to call my daughter at Ouachita :)
Please keep praying for us, I will probably feel well to do the sermon at the film site tonight and will ask Mungu to bless us and reap much for His glory.     (It is winter here.  Hot in the day, but the temp plunges at night to the low 60′s.  The kids have on coats and my Tanzanian collegues have sweat shirts or coats.  Mike and I are saying “Thank you, Mungu”  Our other group is coming, so please pray for their safe arrival, out witnessing without any further harm from Satan, and for the 4 of us to stay and share God’s truth.     No need to answer back unless God has a word from you.  Mungu akabariki  (God Bless You).      Larry,  June 1st
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