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Journey Home

Time has passed so quickly for us while we are here that the students did not even realize today was our last full day of ministry.  There were collective groans to realize things were ending here in Venezuela so quickly.  Our ministry is not over, as it simply changes avenues when we return to the States.

This morning we worked with the First Baptist Church of Barquisimeto.  At the second site they had planned, we were in front of the Barquisimeto Courthouse and surrounded by their law schools.  As we approached this area, there were also some Chavistas there selling arrepas (one of their national foods) to raise money for the Chavez campaign.  They took it upon themselves to introduce the drama group from the United States.  Under an awning in front of the Chavistas was a man selling books about the laws of their land.  He was really irritated that we showed up and took away the attention from him.  He continued to yell at the lawyers as they exited the building to draw them over so he could complain about how we were “stealing his business,” but in turn, the lawyers simply stayed and watched the drama and more people were impacted for Christ.  Even in the midst of distractions, God still reigns.

Prior to lunch, we returned to one of main shopping streets of this city.  There were many people there, curious about this group who set up in the middle of everything.  A crowd gathered, and the team presented the drama.  A group of students went out to minister to three people.  By the time they finished sharing, their group had grown to twenty.  Out of those twenty, all but two said they wanted to receive Christ…and those other two were already believers!  Praise the Lord!

Our team had learned to praise Him when people come to know Him and to praise Him in the storm.  This afternoon at the last site we presented at, one of the students was sharing with a group of twenty-five, and it seemed as though they were understanding as she was sharing, but then when she asked if they wanted to receive Christ, all of them rejected Him.  This was a blow to that ministry group, and it broke their hearts to see so many blatantly reject Jesus.  As they grieved over these people and prayed for the softening of their hearts, for people to follow behind and water the seed that was planted, they recalled the song, “Praise You in the Storm.”

We are so proud of the growth that has occurred in them this summer!  Thank you for lending us your students to come share Christ in Venezuela.  Please continue to pray for the work that we have left behind, that the churches will be faithful to complete the task.  Please pray for the things that we have been called to do as we return home, that we will be faithful to those tasks as well.

Tomorrow we will have one more performance, at Iglesia Bautista de Luz y Vida.  This is the home church of three of our teammates.  They will be having a baptism service where they baptize a hundred or so people.  Immediately following, we will take a bus eight hours to Caracas in order to catch our flight Wednesday morning.  We are scheduled to arrive in Dallas on Wednesday evening.  We will update you again once we are back at Dallas Christian College to begin our debriefing time.  Thank you again for your prayers over this month; you have been part of our team serving here in Venezuela.

Your Country Coordinators,

Kenny & Whitney

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