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John the Baptist Prepares the Way

Hello all,

The team is doing really well. We have done a lot of traveling in the last few days. Our base Camp Village has been such an encouragement to us.

On Sunday July 12, the team led the combined (people from many different villages) church service at Godo. We experienced their cultural dances and singing. Our team performed the drama and shared the Gospel afterward. Some chose to follow Christ while others asked to be prayed for so that they would be sold out to Christ in all that they do.

We quickly ate lunch and loaded all of our stuff into the boats to head back to our home village of Foetoenakaba. The skies opened and dumped rain on us as we traveled in the boats. The nationals kept reminding us that rain is a blessing. Most of us were not agreeing with them at the time. The team spent some time together in fellowship while playing some games (It must be said that the girls continually put a whoopin’ on the guys).

On Monday, July 13, the team spent the day doing laundry. Laundry is a full day’s work when you have to scrub your clothes against the rocks one piece at a time, wring them out, and hang to dry. Parents, you might get your child to do their own laundry back home when you remind them that they did it themselves in the jungle. Each person washed almost their entire bag of clothes.

That night, the village surprised us with a big celebration. They cooked us wild meat (freshly shot by the village hunter), rice, and a desert (made from rice, coconut and sugar). The village all gathered near the light and encouraged us with many kind words. It was such a blessing to hear men and women stand and talk about this team. Many were overwhelmed by the maturity of the young men and women that make up this team. They were also trying to get many of them to stay and be long-term missionaries. Don’t worry, we will bring them all home.

A lot of these men and woman have prepared the way in Suriname as John the Baptist did for Jesus. He was not always treated kindly but did what the Lord asked of him. The people of Foetoenakaba have been faithful and we just get to reap the harvest of the seed they have sown.

Today, July 14, we loaded the boats one more time, but this one had a completely different feel. This time we are leaving to go down river back to the capital city. It is so hard leaving people you have gone to battle with. These people have become family. We will miss them greatly.

For many, heading back to civilization is such a blessing. They will miss the family and new brothers and sisters in Christ but will not miss the bug bites, spiders, river bathing, bats flying around, or the sticky, sweaty nights.

As we begin ministry in the morning, please pray that the there would be divine encounters. We know that God has a plan in having us in the city. The team is excited about doing ministry for larger adult crowds, but we know the enemy will be at work. We covet your prayers in this last week of ministry.

Praise God for safety and health! Pray it continues.

Love and blessings,

Chad and Danielle

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