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Imagine walking on a dirt road with cars, bikes, scooters, semi trucks, donkey carts, herds of goats or cows and people of all ages–all at the same time! That is the best picture of how we spend our days walking from ministry site to ministry site. The smells, chaos and atmosphere can overtake you–if you don’t know your purpose. But each day, students are coming together, locking arms and declaring, ” Jesus has decided–for Gambia to know Him!”

Today, more salvations flooded in as we performed the “Freedom” drama and each student boldly shared their redemptive story. Thank you for praying with us for a reaping of the harvest! God is moving in The Gambia! #jesushasdecided #awestar #usherHimback

Peggy Nunley, Country Coordinator


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3 response to #jesushasdecided

  • Valerie Batchelor says:

    Continuing to pray!

  • Teresa Law says:

    Praise Our Lord and Savior. He prepared this place a long time ago for
    You all to be there. Always remember that all His people watch you closely and intently, looking to find a reason not to trust. He is in you, let His Light Shine Brightly through all you do.
    Remember the song “This little light of mine I’m goons let it shine … all of this world.. Gambia!
    That light is Your Heavenly Father not yours so don’t let it be blown out by anything … disappointment or discouragement God know how His plan is to be carried out and you are His Messenger.
    Prayers continue feel the encouragement that He gives as we hold you all up in Prayer.
    Love ya
    Aunt Teresa

  • Daddy and Mama Stahl says:

    We love what auntie Teresa said! Together we are all lifting all of you up in prayer! Love ya extra special Krissie!

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