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Jesus Ministry Can Take Place in Unexpected Places

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Today we have seen the Lord work in mighty ways! As we traveled to a nearby city called Pacasmayo, we spent time asking the Father to work through us and to fill us with His Spirit. When we first arrived there, we did the drama in a plaza which caught the attention of a few walkers in the area. At this site, we were able to see people trust in the Lord for their salvation. One group of young men came to know Christ and were very interested in what the next steps of the Christian faith looks like. These men desired to change the way they were living and wanted to surrender their old way of life which is exactly what Christ desires from us. A man who was with these young men told us that he had just given his life to the Lord yesterday! This was so cool because we were able to encourage him to walk out his relationship with Christ and he was very encouraged by the conversation.

Before going to our next drama site, we stopped for a bathroom break and we never would have guessed what came next. While the girls were in the bathroom they entered into a conversation with a woman and found out she was a believer. When this woman found out what we were doing here, she was so excited and she encouraged our young ladies to walk out their faith. From this point, she began to preach to them about their need to read the word and do what it says. She told them that they must read the word, live it out, and tell people about it. One of our teammates was very moved by this because she had just been praying this morning that the Lord would teach her about staying in the word! It was awesome to see the Lord’s timing and how he put both the woman and our teammates in the bathroom at the same time even when both parties were just passing through. This was a huge encouragement for our whole team as we reflected on what God had done.

After ministering for a while, we took a break for lunch. Our lunch was spent overlooking the Pacific Ocean and it was one of the most memorable experiences we have ever had. Not only was the sight beautiful, but we got to grow closer to one another in fellowship. This will definitely be a lunch we will remember for a long time.

At our last site, we met a woman who wanted to read the Bible but could not afford one. It is no coincidence that one of the students happened to be carrying a Spanish Bible and was able to give it to this woman. This brought joy to the woman’s face and she immediately began reading it and studying what it said. Another group met some men at this site who came to know the Lord and were challenged to go back to share Christ with their families. This brought joy to our hearts to see that they were interested in doing this.

We were very encouraged today by all the people who sincerely wanted to follow Christ and who trusted Him as their savior today! Please continue to pray for the people we will be ministering to and for us as we seek to deny ourselves and follow the Spirit’s guidance.

~Cherish and Tanner

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2 response to Jesus Ministry Can Take Place in Unexpected Places

  • Marti Pieper says:

    Pacasmayo has some special memories for me both because of BJ Higgins’ journey and my own work with Avis Goodhart at Casa de Paz ophanage in the Las Palmeras community on the dump above the city. Praying for continued divine encounters wherever and however He provides them. HUGS!

  • Angela Hudgins says:

    Levi!!! One week till I get to see you! I am excited! Praying for your last week. Isn’t it amazing how God works all the time- even in bathrooms! Praying for you and the team to remain strong in Christ. We are getting ready for camp. Please be praying for us. Love ya
    Mrs. Angela

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